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A Place in the Sun Live in Manchester

A Place in the Sun Live in Manchester

It's business as usual (actually it's better than usual!) here at A Place in the Sun Live in Manchester!


We weren't really sure what to expect whilst setting up for A Place in the Sun Live this weekend at the Manchester Central Convention Complex. For most of the team having travelled from Europe, we only knew what we'd read in the online newspapers about the UK's response to the Coronavirus risk and concerns were raised that the Great British public would not want to attend large public events. 

It turns out the event hasn't been open long and we're already pleasantly surprised! By lunchtime on the first day we've already seen a 20% increase on visitors than at the same time last year and people are as keen as always to own a property abroad as our bookings are up 80%!

Obviously there are some sensible precautions being taken such as the provision of giant tubs of hand sanitizer at the entrance and some exhibitors and clients have taken to doing a slightly strange foot-tapping ritual instead of shaking hands but, on the whole, it's "business as usual"! 

If you're thinking about coming then there's still plenty of time as the event is taking place all weekend and you can get FREE tickets here: http://bit.ly/3aOPyF5 


Our very own Steve Harris passing on his extensive knowledge about buying property abroad to the crowds!