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6 Reasons Portugal Top Choice of Holiday-Makers Worldwide!

6 Reasons Portugal Top Choice of Holiday-Makers Worldwide!

Ready to plan the trip of a lifetime? If multiple awards provide any measure of quality then Portugal should be your first choice. Here's just a few reasons why this old gem keeps on shining...



After an amazing 2017, a year in which Portugal cleaned up at the prestigious World Travel Awards, gained two more Michelin stars for its culinary excellence, broke all tourism records from previous years and retained its title as the world's leading golfing destination. Needless to say, Portugal is very proud of these achievements and more than ready for an even better 2018!


Sunshine - is the key factor for most thinking of moving abroad, and every year thousands of Brits sell up, pack their bags, walk away from the damp and dreary UK weather, making that dream move overseas a reality, Portugal often being the destination of choice. With temperatures....


Peacefulness - Portugal now stands upon the podium of the most peaceful countries in the world, jumping from fifth to third position as ranked by the Global Peace Index in 2017, beaten only by Iceland and New Zealand. Good news for those planning on moving overseas to bring their children up in a healthier and safer environment. Many have packed up and moved to Portugal for this very reason. 


Tourism - The stats for 2017 show a rise in pretty much everything that categorises Portugal as the leading holiday destination... So it turns out the terminal expansion at Faro airport was a good idea after all, with an unbelievable 8.7 million holidaymakers walking through its doors, almost the population of the entire country, a staggering 1.1 million more than the previous year, a 14.4% rise! However, it's not only about sunshine and sand, Portugal has so much more to offer.

GolfGolf is important to many people when it comes to choosing the next holiday destination. So it's essential to keep these courses up to the highest possible standards. Portugal is doing just this! Dom Pedro’s Victoria course, is a name that many know of, not just because it is one of the best of the Algarve's 40 golf courses, but because it is the home to the world-famous Portugal Masters, an event that brings in the biggest names in world golf. Courses nationwide have calculated an incredible 5.3% increase in numbers since 2016, recording a total of 1.34 million rounds, 70% of which were in the Algarve!

Beaches - rewarded for their fantastic upkeep in 2017, with a further 6 claiming Blue Flag recognition in 2017, now totalling 286 beaches spread across Portuguese coastline. The World Travel Awards recognised this and awarded the Algarve region Europe's leading beach destination, and Hotel Quinta do Lago Europe's leading beach resort.


Food - Portugal is known globally as a country with rich culture and traditions, especially when it comes to cuisine. With an amazing 28 Michelin stars distributed throughout the nations restaurants and the Algarve alone picking up two more in 2017. Portugal has a wide range of delicious national dishes, Cod "A Brás" Style, Piri-Piri Chicken and Shellfish Cataplana are just a few of the nations culinary delights... Bom Apetite!

Real Estate - Residents in Portugal have noticed a rapid increase in tourism over recent years, with new developments being constructed annually, and the "busy" season becoming longer year by year. A change that has influenced property purchases from retirement and holiday homes, to second homes with rental possibilities and purchases purely for rental income. All of which are also influencing the normally quiet winter season to have more restaurants, bars, cultural and social events through colder months.  

So if you are looking for a place with a fantastic energy and weather year round, plus a long list of awards for things wonderful and delicious Portugal should most definitely be your next holiday destination! Who knows...you might just fall in love with the place and end up staying, as so many already have!