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Home or Away?

Home or Away?

Imagine for a moment, you’ve got a weekend off coming up. You work hard, you deserve to go away somewhere and relax, but where will you choose? London or The Algarve?

You may think this is an easy decision, going abroad will mean a long flight and a huge budget, whereas just popping down to the Capital for the weekend will be quicker and cheaper.

Well, not necessarily so!

Did you know, for example, that the flight time from Manchester to the Algarve is the same as the train time from Manchester to London?

Surprised? We’ve taken the time, at Ideal Homes Portugal to do a little comparison for you, take a look at what we found and prepare to be amazed!


We have compared the weekend of Friday 24th January to Sunday 26th of January for 2 passengers including flights/trains, 4 star hotel accommodation, meals in the best value restaurants and wine.


The Algarve

Flights from Manchester To Faro return (Monarch Airlines) – £190.90

2 nights in a standard double room at Hotel Aqua Pedra Dos Bicos including breakfast – £96.00

2 nights dinner including 1 bottle of wine (The Wander Inn)- £32.00

Total Cost – £418.90



Flights from Manchester to Heathrow (British Airways) – £196.00

( or you can take the train from Manchester Picadilly to Kings Cross for £292.00 with Thetrainline.com)

2 nights in a standard double room at St Ermin’s Hotel, not including breakfast – £340.50

2 nights dinner including 1 bottle of wine (Stockpot) – £60.00

Total Cost – £596.50 (or £692.50 if you take the train)


So thats the basics covered, but there is so much more to your decision than just the cost. What about the climate? Well I think it’s quite obvious that The Algarve has that one covered, with average daily temperatures of 15 degrees centigrade in January and 6 daily hours of sunshine it’s a good deal better than London with an average of 7 degrees and only 3 hours of sun!


Then there is the relax factor, lazing about on the beach, wandering around beautiful, historical sights or a lovely, long lunch overlooking a beautiful marina in The Algarve before heading off for a round of golf, or dodging the rain and snow showers whilst jumping on and off the tube getting around Londons’ beautiful, historical landmarks in the company of large groups of Japanese tourists!


It’s really not a difficult decision when you look at it. Whatever the time of year, if you’re escaping the winter chill or looking at your summer getaway it is the destination of choice for millions of tourists from all over the world, so why not you?


Go on, treat yourself, visit The Algarve. Its beautiful here!