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Algarve Best European Region in Tourism and Gastronomy 2018

Algarve Best European Region in Tourism and Gastronomy 2018

Algarve Strikes Again! The Algarve has been awarded the title of ‘Best European Region in Tourism and Gastronomy 2018’, by the European Council of Food and Wine Confraternities in the 13th edition of the AURUM Awards.

Southern Portugal’s little known gem, the Algarve, relatively unknown outside Europe, but once a thriving central European trading post in things gastronomic, may have quieted over time, but its love for food never changed. The region better known by British travellers and a few in the know, has begun attracting a new stream of international visitors. The number of foreign tourists visiting Portugal rose nearly 12% last year to a record of 12.7 million people, a number that dwarfs the local population but welcome by locals as it supports the regional economy. 


And in choosing the Algarve for a holiday, or longer commitment, is when travellers discover the county’s obsession with food and reason for its recent gastronomy awards. Whole, very fresh, diverse and flavourful. Much of it prepared simply to ensure the quality of original flavours are preserved. Seasonal and tropical fruit, nuts, cheeses, vegetables, meats, game, and a vast selection of seafood are all part of Algarvian cuisine. And, if you suffer from a sweet tooth the Algarve will be your pastry and sugar haven. The regions fresh grilled sardines may be known by many along with its Piri Piri Chicken, but the Algarve has been using its quality and locally produced goods to advance its cuisine to new levels. It has been gaining micheline stars and international attention, and for those who are in the know this trend may continue for a while...


If you’ve never had the pleasure to dip into Algarvian cuisine, and of course the wide selection of Portuguese wines, we strongly recommend you take the leap, either with a short term rental stay or as a home away from home. Uncertain if the Algarve has the right investment criteria for your holiday home or rental property? Take a listen to why its considered the new property 'hot spot' in Portugal.