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Portugal starts to breathe as the mood brightens today!

Portugal starts to breathe as the mood brightens today!

Many of us have been anticipating the 5th April for a while as Portugal moves into the next phase of ‘deconfinement’.


Café esplanades will open today and will for sure have many happy customers who have been missing their daily coffee.


Secondary school also opens today as well as gyms, local shops, museums, tuition centres, day care and social centres. 


The great news is that Portugal is slowly starting to reopen for business with the lifting of several restrictions in place since January.



Even though COVID's shadow still remains, there is a positive hope that this period may soon be behind the country. The daily COVID figures have been decreasing steadily over the last few weeks which has been encouraging. 


The weather also plays a part in the lifting of moods as the sun starts to shine and  summer is truly on its way.


The next phase as part of the  ‘deconfinement’  plan is set for the 19th April. This will include the opening of all stores and shopping centres, cinema, theatres and universities amongst other areas. 



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