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Carvoeiro Beach, Algarve, Portugal - Europe's Best 2018!

Carvoeiro Beach, Algarve, Portugal - Europe's Best 2018!

Portugal's award winning run continues into 2018! This year getting top pick for European best beach!



When it comes to beaches people often think that destinations like the Carribean provide the world’s best, however, there is no need to travel so far. Not only is there a big selection of beaches just a short plane ride away, but also the destination that keeps snapping up awards for the leading beach destination. Can you guess which one? Think - great weather, seafood, wine, qualtiy of life... Portugal of course! Specifically the southern region known as the Algarve. This year it boasts 640 certified beaches and best of all is also the location for Europes best beach 2018! In case you need more convincing, let's take a walkthrough of just some of the Algarves award winning beaches. Enjoy...



Praia da Falesia is one of Portugal's longest beaches, located in the centre of the Algarve coast and stretching from Albufeira all the way to Vilamoura. This beach is extremely popular with both tourists and residents alike. Falesia beach is known for its high orange cliffs, thus its name, which translates to "Cliffs".



Situated a short distance off the Algarve coastline is the island of Armona, with it's beautiful peaceful beach. Visitors must travel via ferry, which can be caught either from Faro or Olhão. The island has everything you would need for a fantastic day out, and only 20 minutes back to the coast.



The traditional town of Quarteira is better known for its bustling promenade, with many bars, restaurants and shops stretching a distance of over a mile. The beach itself takes pride in being one of the best kept beaches in the Algarve. A perfect destination for families with children as it has no lack of activities at arms reach.


Praia da Marinha.

This beach is absolutely breathtaking to look at, considered one of the best beaches in the world. Being only accessible from the stairs leading down from the top of the cliff, this beach is incredibly peaceful. A boat tour takes you through all of the amazing rock formations and sea caves. Definitely worth a visit, and a short drive from popular town of Lagoa.


Portugal's award winning didn't end there in 2017, with the little European nation picking up a mind boggling total of 37 prizes at the World Travel Awards, also including the world's leading destination and the world leading golf destination


A mere two and a half hour flight from the UK and you’re there! How about that! Got your tickets, sunscreen and shades packed? What are you waiting for!?  Come see us and get in the know of how you can benifit from this little corner of beach heaven! 

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