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Get Your FREEDOM in 2021

Get Your FREEDOM in 2021

Freedom comes in the form of a Golden Visa! The Golden Visa Scheme was started in 2012 in Portugal and 2013 in Spain to enable foreigners to reside in either country with their families for a relatively small property investment. 


This has also enabled both Portugal and Spain to become much stronger countries financially. The scheme is aimed at people living outside the EU that want to live, see and travel through Europe freely, no restrictions on visiting permits or short stay visas.


In Portugal, you can enter the Golden Visa Scheme with an investment amount of €280,000 for a property that’s more than 30 years old or 400,000 for a new hands off investment property.


After 5 years, you and your immediate family gain citizenship in Portugal also giving you the freedom to travel around Europe bearing in mind that from when you first apply, you can travel freely through the Schengen zone. 



Up to now, this has not been available for UK residents but with Brexit it is now available only for a short window of opportunity, that's why right now is the time to buy!


'Time is running out as the Portuguese government has announced that the golden visa in it’s current form with be retracted in June/July 2021' 


In Portugal, it has recently been announced that the Golden Visa will change on July 1st, high density areas will no longer have the scheme, this includes Lisbon, Porto and possibly the Algarve as the population will no longer be classed as low density. The low density areas will see an increase on entry level.


All applications up to 31st June, 2021, will be accepted, not leaving much time to find your property and complete deed, so it is recommended you move quickly with an agent and lawyer who are experts and deal with Golden Visas on a regular basis. They will be able to advise you and help you move quickly with the purchase elements.



Spain, however, have not made any statements regarding the scheme ending or changing but could follow suit soon after. To gain a Spanish Golden Visa you need to purchase a property from the value of €500,000. 


This is also now available to UK purchasers so they can obtain freedom in Europe and citizenship in very much the same way. So let the experts at ideal homes help you get your 2nd passport today.



To learn more on Spanish and Portuguese Golden Visas, simply get in touch with our team where you can find out what to do every step of the way and you will be introduced to both Portuguese and Spanish Lawyers that are Golden Visa experts. 


Send us an email on info@idealhomesinternational.com or give us a call on +351 289 513 434 and 0800 133 7644.