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Portugal & UK ties in wake of Brexit.

Portugal & UK ties in wake of Brexit.

If you know your history, you know Portugal and the UK go back, way back...

The Anglo-Portuguese alliance dates back to 1294, evolved into the Anglo-Portuguese treaty in 1373, and is still in force today. Serious relationship staying power considering the tumultuous events that transpired in Europe and globally during these many centuries together.



In turbulent times this type of cooperation helps provide a beacon of comfort. On the shores of Brexit many Brits understandably feel shaky for what may come, but with Portugal they may be able to take comfort little will change with this well worn friendship. In recent interviews UK ambassador to Portugal, Kristy Haye spoke to the ties that bind the two allies:


"Between Portugal and the UK, we have the oldest economic alliance in the world, so regardless of what happens this will continue. We also have so many connections personally, professionally and we share many similar values. I am also encouraged by the words of the (Portuguese) Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, and expect to work closely together over the next years to find a base for our relations whether they be within the EU or bilaterally".  


The Portuguese government is also taking active steps to find mutually beneficial ground, both in industry and citizenship. A new task force will assess requirements and opportunities for businesses wanting to partner with Portugal as a way to continue accessing the European market. A wise choice as Portugal is also a gateway to Brazil and developing African countries.


In recent years Portugal has also created a number of citizenship opportunities such as Golden Visa, Non Habitual Residency and Sephardic Heritage Residency. When other countries are shutting down on immigration Portugal is providing an example of global cooperation for those looking to work collectively for a better future. A position generating considerable attention from young entrepreneurs, creative and tech sectors and the startup movement.


History is always a good teacher, to take stock, learn, and chart a new way forward. Portugal and the UK have worked through history like the old couple they are, witnessed each other's successes and failings, at times quibbled, but always worked through the challenges. So there should be faith, like many times in the past, this too shall pass, and soon both will rise stronger, wiser and ready to sail through to another challenge.