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Great News For Holiday Rentals!!!

Great News For Holiday Rentals!!!

There was some fantastic news announced this morning for those of you who either own, or are looking to buy a rental investment property.

Expedia Inc, one of the worlds leading travel companies, have announced they have acquired HomeAway Inc, the worlds leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry, which means their customers will now have access to thousands of holiday rental properties as well as hotel accommodation.

This is fabulous news for customers of Expedia, but also for those companies who use HomeAway to advertise their clients properties to the holiday rental market.

Chris White, CEO and Founder of Boutique Real Estate company Ideal Homes says ” This will have an enormous impact on our holiday rentals clients. It will mean their property is advertised to a much bigger client base, massively increasing booking potential and income, and also reducing the likelihood of scammers and improving security. The rentals arm of Ideal Homes is already incredibly popular because of the range and standard of services provided, this buyout will only serve to improve our services further.”



For more information on buying rental property, or renting out your existing holiday or investment property, please contact the team on 0800 133 7644 or (00351) 289513434, email to info@idealhomesportugalrentals.com or visit the website www.idealhomesportugalrentals.com