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One Small Step

One Small Step

When we imagine people buying homes in the sunshine we normally think of retirees, people buying homes to spend their Golden Years on Golden Beaches, but these days an increasing number of much younger people are investing in that holiday home overseas.




According to The Guardian, the average family holiday abroad these days costs on average £2,725, so if, from the age of 30, you take two family holidays a year until you retire, you could be looking at paying as much as £190,750! Not difficult to understand then why so many young families are investing in a holiday home.


With lovely, sea view apartments available in the Algarve for as little as £95,000, and the possibility of renting it out when you`re not using it, not only is it a great asset and a great investment for the future, but also an alternative income source. With apartments renting out on average for 18-20 weeks per year and average weekly rents at around 800 euros in high season, it not only pays for itself but also for all the holidays you will use it for!


 With the growing property market in the Algarve, it`s a great time to take that first, small step on the overseas property ladder. Once you see how easy it is to do and how profitable it can be you`ll kick yourself for not having done it sooner! And, as your needs change, and indeed your tastes, you can use the money you`ve accumulated and the value of that original property to trade up to something bigger, and bigger until you finally have that dream home in the sun, just in time for your retirement! Go on, take one small step, it`s never too early to start.