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Why Book An Inspection Flight?

Why Book An Inspection Flight?

Why book an Inspection flight with Ideal Homes Portugal ?

We think the best way to acquaint yourself with the area and the properties available is on a 3/4 day inspection trip here in the Algarve.


Our  service starts with our flight department  who will source the best flights available for you and book them along with your  accommodation.


Prices start from only £149 per person and include:


• Return flights from your closest airport to Faro.

• Three nights accommodation in a 3 or 4* hotel on a bed and breakfast basis.

• Return transfers from Faro airport to your hotel

• Time with our Property Consultant viewing properties that specifically match your requirements.

• Financial advice from an Independent Overseas Mortgage Specialist where required.

• Independent Legal Advice


Trip itinerary

When you arrive, one of our consultants will meet you at the airport and, if you arrive early, you can start viewing property right away! If you arrive on a later flight they will take you to your accommodation and then the next day we can get helping you find your dream property.

Of course, while you are here we are available to answer any of your questions about any aspects of making a purchase.

Your evenings will be free for you to enjoy as you wish. At the end of your trip, we will take you back to the airport for your flight home.


Why buy in Portugal?

The climate is one of the healthiest and most pleasant in the world, comparable to California. There is sufficient seasonal variation to make the weather anything but boring, but winters are never too cold and the summers never too hot. The skies are predominately blue all year round.


Portugal and especially the Algarve, has managed to retain its timeless “old world” charm and traditional values even though it is an integral part of an ambitious, forward-looking nation, and tourism is its major economic activity.

The nation’s constitution and well-founded legal system has given foreign buyers and property owners the same fundamental rights and protection as those enjoyed by Portuguese citizens.


There are over 80 flights a day in high season and even in the winter there are a minimum of twelve flights every day. Phone and internet access is also excellent.

While you personally may be stepping into relatively unknown territory by buying property in Portugal, plenty of others have done it before you (there are over 100,000 expatriates currently resident in the Algarve) There is a well- established procedure and there is no shortage of sound advice available on all aspects of setting up home in the Algarve.


It is both a place to relax and do little or, if you love the outdoors, indulge in all your favourite activities in the cleanest air you’ll ever breathe!


The environment is much less spoilt and polluted than other European countries. Growing popular awareness backed by EU directives incorporated into Portuguese law should ensure it stays that way.


Portugal is best known for its spectacular coastline, including scores of glorious beaches. Less known, but equally attractive, is its inner land of vineyards, olive, almond, carob and fig trees, rising to rolling hills and the plains of the province of Alentejo beyond.


In the spring, from as early as Christmas until the end of May, the countryside is in full sparkling bloom beneath exhilarating azure skies. It is a very different scene to the grey gloom that pervades northern Europe early in the year.


From a few kilometres inland, the Algarve is covered with evergreen trees and shrubs and so the countryside remains remarkably lush even in the height of summer.


Language is generally not a problem and, anyway, you will enjoy picking up at least a smattering of Portuguese. You can get by in English or German, so long as you understand the Portuguese all purpose expression that sums up any and all of life’s minor travails: não faz mal- “No harm done.”


All we need to know is:


What’s your closest airport?

What are the full names of the passengers?

What dates can you travel?


The Algarve it at your fingertips and our knowledge and experience is at your disposal. Let us help you find your Ideal Home!


Contact us on 0800 133 7644 or enquiries@idealhomesportugal.com