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Cape Verde - Island Homes, The Private Investors Show on March 2nd, in Lisbon.

Cape Verde - Island Homes, The Private Investors Show on March 2nd, in Lisbon.

Ideal Homes International will be hosting “Cape Verde - Island Homes” a Private Investors Show, 2nd March 2019, from 10am to 7pm at the Florida Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

The show will focus on informing attendees of Cape Verde’s growing tourism market and the advantages of investments for luxury holiday homes, rental investing and retirement planning on the stunning archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa.


Attendees will be able to meet and have tailored consultations with qualified professionals to discuss critical topics of investing such as residency, legalities, financing, taxes and currency through to property and rentals management. They will also be guided through the varying types of investment options and rental return expectations to understand what suits their individual investment needs and interests.


Our goal is to clarify every aspect of a buyer's concerns when buying property abroad and ensuring they are completely confident in their purchase decision, in Cape Verde or in any of our international locations.’ Chris White, Founder and CEO Ideal Homes International.


Cape Verde is comprised of 10 volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean forming part of the Macaronesia region. The islands are divided into windward - Santo António, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista, and leeward - Malo, Santiago, Fogo, Brava. Santiago is the largest island in both size and population, and is home to Cape Verde’s capital, Praia. Temperatures average 19ºC from January through to April, and continue rising into the mid 20ºCs peaking at 25ºC from July through to October when they start to cool down again. Culturally the nation is known for its Portuguese-African culture, food and extremely friendly residents.


In 2017, Cape Verde was noted by the World Travel & Tourism Council as having a decade and a half of consistent growth and popularity with foreign buyers, making this still little known location a potential hotspot for investment consideration.


Ideal Homes Private Investors Show - Cape Verde

Where: Florida Hotel, Lisbon

When: Saturday, 2nd March 2019

Tickets Free!