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Lagos – The Wonder Of The West

Lagos – The Wonder Of The West

Over the course of the last 18 months enquiries about, and property sales in, Lagos have hit an all time high, but why is it that Tripadvisor voted Lagos the Number 1 Travel Destination on a list of “15 Destinations On The Rise Worldwide”, and what makes Lagos the best place in Portugal to live?




Steeped in history, with fantastic beaches and brilliant, but understated nightlife, Lagos has something to cater for all tastes, and, with its international expat population mixing seamlessly with the locals, it truly is the most welcoming and fabulous place I have ever had the pleasure to experience.


Lagos can trace its origins back to 2000 BC when it was called Lacobriga and, being such an important harbour, literally at the gateway of Europe, has seen many occupations from the Phoenicians and Carthaginians to the Romans, Moors and even the Spanish!

It was the centre for trade and navigational exploration from 1415, when King John 1 first assembled the fleet, until 1755 when the region was devastated by  a huge earthquake and tsunami.


The city is famous for its connection with Prince Henry the Navigator, and the hundreds of voyages of discovery under his reign, which resulted in the Portuguese discovering one third of the modern world as we know it.


Fantastic architecture dating back to these times is still there today and can be seen all over the city, with beautiful examples like the 16th Century fort and St Anthonys church, rebuilt in 1769, still open to the public.


lagos fort      Sta Antonio



As well as retaining its history and culture, Lagos is also credited with protecting its natural beauty with nationally protected sites like Ponte da Piedade, a stunning coastal rock formation and the Golden Grottoes, a series of caves next to Praia de Camilo beach.


The beaches that form the coastline of Lagos are amongst the most stunning in the world. Praia da Batata (Potato Beach) is nestled in between two cliffs and divided into smaller coves that be accessed via holes in the rocks, Meia Praia is one of the longest open bays in Europe, resulting in calmer seas that are perfect for watersports and swimming, and Porto de Mos beach is a beautiful sandy bay, backed by tall, multi-coloured cliffs which, on the west side, you can walk up to take in breathtaking views over the coastline stretching from Sagres to Albufeira, and you can even take a clifftop walk along to the neighbouring bay of Praia da Luz.


Ponte Piedede                     Lagos beach 2


For the more energetic there are numerous walks and cycle tracks to enjoy and 9 golf courses within a 20 km radius as well as many watersports, but one of the best experiences to be had is Kayaking  out of the harbour and through the Golden Grottoes.


waterskiing                 Golden Grottoes


Days filled with wonder and excitement should always be followed by nights full of pleasure, and whether you find your pleasure in fantastic food and wine or in the lively bars and restaurants of a vibrant city, Lagos is the place to be.

From watching the nightly summer entertainment in the square, you can wander around the maze of cobbled streets that radiate out from the centre and here you will find bars and restaurants to suit every taste. Even in the winter season Lagos is popular with locals and tourists alike so there is always a good variety of restaurants waiting to delight you and plenty of fun to be had!


Lagos Night 3          


Lagos rest2


There are many, many more reasons why Lagos is quite simply the best place in Portugal, so whether you are looking to relocate permanently, buy a holiday home or you’re looking for really good investment, we can help you with that.


With all the reasons specified above, you expect that property in this wonderful place would come with a wonderfully expensive price tag to match, but that simply isn’t the case, because Lagos is one of the few places to continue to build all the way through the financial crisis, the market in this area remained strong resulting in fewer price rises than other areas, so property can still be had at very reasonable prices.


Even in the very exclusive area of Funchal Ridge, which has stunning views both over the city, and of the surrounding countryside, this stunning contemporary 3 bedroom home could be yours for only €395,000.


Funchal Ridge



 Funchal 2



Most popular, however, for both holiday homes and investment properties, are apartments. Not only do we have some fabulous apartments in the heart of the city, about 10 mins walk from the marina and the beach, starting at only €180.000 for a 2 bedroom


sta amaro


sta amaro2



but we are also proud to announce the release for sale, off plan, of a stunning new development by one of the best and most trusted developers in Portugal, being built near the beautiful beach of Porto de Mos. There are 1 bed apartments from €190,000, 2 beds from €225,000 and 3 beds from €315,000 in a beautiful and very sought after location, offering wonderful sea views.


Goncalo offplan 1             




goncalo offplan 3








So, whatever your reasons for buying a property, Lagos has something for everyone and we have something for you!


For more information on viewing and buying property in Lagos please visit our websitewww.idealhomesportugal.com or contact our fantastic, multi-lingual team on 0800 133 7644