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Do I need a Mexican visa?

Do I need a Mexican visa?

Seen some fantastic properties on Ideal Homes website? Want to own a fabulous investment? Dreaming of spending the cold winters in Mexico? But what about Mexican visa's?

Visitor Permit


Most likely, the first time you visit Mexico it will be as a tourist and you’ll get an entry permit as a visitor. You will be asked to fill out an immigration form and then be given your visitor permit after you fly into the country or cross the border if by road. Your visitor permit allows you to remain in Mexico for up to 180 days (almost six months) without working.




Temporary Resident Visa


There are many types of temporary resident visa in Mexico, they can be for retirees, artists, sports figures, scientists, ministers, and the like. These are designed for people who wish to be in Mexico more than 180 days a year. You can hold a temporary resident visa for up to four years.


The most common type of temporary resident visa for expats is as a retiree. To get it, you have to be able to prove that you can support yourself in Mexico on funds you have or are earning elsewhere. The minimum monthly requirement is about $1,553 in net income for an individual, plus about $520 a month for each dependent. Alternatively, you can provide bank account or investment statements for the last 12 months that show an average balance of at least $25,880. A third way is to show that you own a property in Mexico that has a value of at least about $207,046.


You apply for your temporary resident visa at the Mexican consulate closest to your home, not in Mexico itself. You can apply for a temporary resident visa that is valid for one, two, three, or up to the full four years. After four years on this visa, however, you must either leave Mexico or switch to a permanent resident visa. The four years that you’ve held a temporary resident visa automatically qualifies you for permanent status.

The specifics change from time to time, so be sure to check with your nearest Mexican consulate for the most up-to-date information.




Mexico Visa: Permanent Resident Visa


If you wish to live in Mexico long-term, you can opt to apply immediately for a permanent resident visa, bypassing the temporary-resident step. The permanent resident visa is open-ended, there is no expiration date. It also gives you many of the rights and responsibilities of a Mexican citizen, including the right to work.


You must show higher income requirements for a permanent resident visa. You can show investments with an average monthly balance over 12 months of about $103,523. Or you can show a monthly net income or pension over the last six months of at least $2,588.


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