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Portugal in the growing real estate market position

Portugal in the growing real estate market position

Portugal real estate market continues to increase due to the demand for national and international buyers and currently on the way to an increase of 9.5%, according to the United States ' financial rating agency S & P.

This sharp increase in property values places Portugal, and Ireland, at the top of 10 EU countries analysed in the report by the financial rating firm. Real estate prices in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom were all analysed. 


The UK prices remain unchanged with increases in all other cases; up until 2021, Portugal is expected to have the highest increases. Portugal’s strong demand is supported with national and foreign interest, and also short supply of property, is causing prices to increase by 9.5% this year, and possibly slowing down slightly to 7% in 2019. With an increase from last year of 10.5% and another 7.7% in 2016. Aside from its growing increases, S&P reported it still believes the Portuguese market remains ‘affordable’ with a price earnings ratio still 7% below the long term average. 


The report also pointed to other causes for the property fuelling, suggesting robust economic growth, low interest rates, dropping unemployment and special incentives such as golden visas and the country's non-resident program. All of which position Portugal’s economic growth to be ‘solid’ and the real estate market to remain ‘dynamic’ over the next few years, with initiatives that support job creation, increase incomes, the gap between supply and demand, and continued external demand.