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Massive Savings For UK Buyers In Portugal!

Massive Savings For UK Buyers In Portugal!

Unless you have a degree in Economics, understanding what’s going on with the Eurozone economy and how it affects the UK can be terribly confusing!

The phrase “Quantative Easing” can be heard in virtually every news bulletin at the moment, but what actually is it, and what does it mean for those looking to buy property overseas?


Put into language we can all understand its quite simple. Quantative Easing is the European Central Bank pumping €850 billion euros into the Eurozone economy to stabilise it and encourage investment. This will help to kick start growth and fight deflation.




So what does this mean for our prospective clients? It means you get more bang for your buck, more house for your money, more euros for your pound!


Even though the actual money printing isn’t due to start until March, the market has, as usual, reacted already. At the time of writing (26.01.15) the exchange rate is €1.34 to the pound. This is the highest level for 7 years, and looks especially impressive when compared with this time last year when it was €1.17 and 2009 when it was €1.06!


If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get that viewing trip booked, and take a positive, decisive step toward your dream property overseas!


Here are a few examples of the savings available:



These lovely, new build modern apartments that sit within touching distance of the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve are currently listed at €129,000. Last year that would have been £105,780, this year it’s £96,600 which is a saving of £9,180!



These fabulous luxury 2 bed  apartments in the most sought after area of Lagos, are currently being sold off plan at €225,000. Last year they would have cost you £184,500, this year they are £168.500 which saves you a huge £16,000!!



These fantastic 3 bed villas in Alvor are part of a small private complex complete with pool and tennis courts. We currently have them for sale at €350,000. Last year they would have been £287,000, this year they are £262,000. This is a massive saving of £25,000!!!


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