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Pop To Portugal And Pick Up A Property!

Pop To Portugal And Pick Up A Property!

Whether it’s a long weekend to escape the stresses of work, or somewhere to bed down and hide away from the cold British winter, increasing numbers of house buyers are discovering that Portugal has the perfect property to offer them. Purchasers are picking up second homes to use in a variety of ways, both for personal usage and as a means of gaining rental income.

Many UK buyers turn to Portugal as a welcome way to feel the sun on their skin again as autumn begins to drift into winter. Temperatures in Portugal vary considerably across the country, so those looking for winter sun will want to head to the southernmost Algarve region. There, average temperatures range from 12 to 19 C (54 to 66 F) between October and April and the sun makes an appearance on most days – the Algarve is reputed to have 300 days of sunshine per year.





According to holiday-weather.com, the average sea temperature in the Algarve is still as high as 17 C (63 F) during November, making the area particularly popular with beach lovers. In fact, it only drops as low as 14C (57 F) in January and February, before rising again in March.

But the Algarve has a great deal more to offer than just beaches, as Chris White, Founding Director of boutique real estate agency Ideal Homes Portugal, observes,

“Portugal, and in particular the Algarve, has a surprising amount to offer those who head there for some winter sun. Championship-grade golf courses are dotted along the southern coastline and boast some spectacular views out over the sea, as well as some addictively challenging holes.


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“The Algarve’s cities and towns are also well worth exploring extensively. The area has everything from large, newly built shopping centres packed with contemporary stores and brands to tiny little bakeries serving exquisite cakes that seem to have been tucked away in winding, cobbled side streets since the dawn of time.”


This mixture of old and new is characteristic of Portugal’s charms and offers an element of appeal that ensures that visitors of all generations can find themselves enchanted by the Iberian country. The cuisine is also a draw, with simple, peasant-food-style fish and rice dishes elevated to a new level by the careful use of herbs, spices and traditional cooking methods. Portugal’s emerging wine industry, which features an extensive range of offerings unique to within its borders – including some of the best green wines and rose ports to be found anywhere in the world – is another of the country’s attractions.


Sta Antonio          cataplana


The prevalence of low-cost flights from the UK to Portugal, which SkyScanner lists from as little as £39, and the swift journey time (under three hours) mean that travelling there is quick and easy, another factor that has encouraged many families to choose Portugal as the location for their second home.


The property market, particularly in the Algarve, has turned a corner in past months, with buyers looking to pick up a bargain while prices are low. Many properties are particularly well suited to winter sun holidays, as well as summer entertaining, such as this four bedroom villa with pool costing €975,000 near the wonderful city of Lagos. The large BBQ area, pool and tennis court are perfect for sunny days, while the well-appointed interior and features such as a fireplace and corner spa bath make it ideal for winter breaks too.





For further details of properties currently available in Portugal, call Ideal Homes Portugal on 0800 133 7644 or +351 289 513 434, email enquiries@idealhomesportugal.com or visit www.idealhomesportugal.com.