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Living In The Algarve

Living In The Algarve

People often ask me if I miss living in the UK, my simple and immediate answer is no! But why not? What makes life in the Algarve so special?

The People

portugal people


The Portuguese people manage to seamlessly combine their traditional culture with modern day living, maintaining family values that have been passed down through the generations. They are the kindest, most generous people and benefit from having a great sense of fun!

As English is now taught in schools from an early age, the younger generation all speak it to an acceptable level, in the coastal regions especially there is rarely a language problem. That being said, you will be amazed how well you can communicate in sign language, and how funny it can be to try and buy produce from the local farmers market for example!


The Climate

Algarve Sunshine


The Algarve is in a unique position in Southern Europe as regards its climate. Backed by mountains and surrounded on the other 3 sides by water, it is protected from the severe weather conditions that ravage the rest of Europe in the winter months, resulting in a mild climate very similar to that of California.

With around 300 days of sunshine per year, and average temperatures of around 35 degrees in high summer and 16 degrees in winter, it’s in a league of its own. research has shown, time and again, that living in a warmer climate is beneficial to both health and happiness, and let’s be honest, waking up to sunshine every morning, who wouldn’t be happy?


The Beaches

Lagos beach 2


The Algarve boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with a record 82 of them receiving the coveted Blue Flag in 2014. From the wide open stretches of golden sand like Meia Praia in Lagos or Monte Gordo beach, to the beautiful, private coves around Gale and Carvoeiro, there really is something for every type of beach lover. For the best choice in watersports it’s usually better to stick with the main town beaches like Praia da Oura in Albufeira and Falesia beach in Vilamoura. Most beaches will also have a cafe or beach bar, for example, one of my favourite things to do, on warm summer nights, is to lie on a lounger on Evaristo beach in Gale, sipping white Sangria and watching the sun sink slowly into the ocean. Whatever your idea of beach heaven, it’s here in the Algarve somewhere!


Food and Drink



If you like really good quality food and wine, but don’t like paying a fortune for it, the the Algarve is definitely for you. It’s true we have a few Michelin starred restaurants that would have your eyes out, but, in general, a meal for 2 with wine on the coast will set you back around €20 per head, whereas inland you will pay around €10 per head.

Local specialities include cataplana, which is a type of meat or seafood stew, seafood rice which is all similar to a paella only with more sauce and chicken piri piri which is barbecued chicken with chilli oil.

A bottle of wine from the supermarket costs as little as €1.50 and is drinkable! Wines from the Alentejo region are generally the best if you like them fruity. Grren wine is made from young grapes and very good with seafood or a lighter alternative at lunchtime.





The Algarve is steeped in history, right back to the Phoenecians, through the Roman occupation, the years of Moorish rule and the overthrowing of the Moors in the Christian era with the help of the Knights Templar.

There are some fantastic historical sights to visit, from the castle at Silves, shown above, which dates back to the 12th Century, to the sites of Roman settlements at Milreu and Vilamoura.

Although a lot of the historical monuments were damaged in the earthquake of 1755, most have been sympathetically restored and some, like the castle at Silves and the city walls in Lagos, survived more or less intact.



So those are my top 5 reasons for living in The Algarve, what are yours? A lot of people visit the Algarve on a regular basis and dream of owning their own home here, but why keep dreaming? With the strong pound and prices still under valued, now is the perfect time to make that dream a reality, and Ideal Homes Portugal are specialists in doing just that!

Our team of local experts is mostly made up of people who have made that move from the UK to Portugal. Because we have made the mistakes, and fallen down the legal potholes before you, we can make sure the purchase of your property in this beautiful place is quick, easy and stress free. It sounds too good to be true, but you can read about the experiences of our existing clients on ourtestimonial page, it really does work!

Our company, led from the front by founder Chris White, has a very simple mission – to help as many people fulfil their dream of a home in the Algarve as possible and it all starts with one phone call!


To find out about our fantastic service, and subsidised viewing visits, contact our dedicated team on0800 133 7644 or email us at info@idealhomesportugal.com. For examples of some of the beautiful properties currently available in the Algarve, and to find out more about the company please visit our website www.idealhomesportugal.com