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How To List Your Property Safely

How To List Your Property Safely

These days, when anything can be sold, or advertised online, it can leave us open to all kinds of scams and cowboys. So how can you be sure that you’re selling your house, the most expensive thing you’ll ever own, safely and securely? We have put together some basic, but vitally important rules you should always follow!

1, Firstly, and most importantly, make sure that the Agent you list your property with is legally registered as an Estate Agent in Portugal. This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of so called “property agents” around that have a registered business in the UK or other countries, but do not hold an AMI license which is the license needed to legally trade as an Estate Agent in Portugal. The AMI license number should be clearly displayed on the website and any marketing material, and can be verified via the INCI website. Using an unlicensed agent can result in the loss of the sale of your property, which is the last thing you would want to happen.


2, Make sure you have all the documents for your property before you list it. Under the new legislation in Portugal there are certain documents you that you must provide to the Estate Agent before they can legally market your property. These documents are:

  • Documentos de identificação  ( Bilhete de identidade / Cartão de Cidadão / Passaporte + cartão de contribuinte ou no caso de empresa  cópia da certidão commercial ) / Identity Documents (Identity Card / Residency Card/ Passport or, in case of commercial business, company certificate and Fiscal Identification Number)


  • Certidão de teor ( actualizada ) / Updated Registration Certificate


  • Caderneta Predial / Legal Description of Property


  • Licença de utilização / Habitation License


  • Certificado Energético / Energy Certificate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The legislation in regards to the energy certificate came into force in December 2013, and since that time any property which is marketed for sale or rent must have a valid energy certificate. All of this documentation must be supplied to the Agent at the time of listing your property so that when the property is sold, the documents can be sent to the buyers lawyer and the contracts drawn up. Missing paperwork, for example licenses for pools or extensions, can result in severe delays or the loss of the sale.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

3, Make sure your taxes are paid! Another thing that can affect the sale of your property is if the IMI tax isn’t paid up to date. Double check to make sure there is nothing outstanding on your property as it will show when the lawyers do the property search and buyers will not take on financial debts.  




4, Use a lawyer. Some people will tell you that you do not need a lawyer when selling your house, or that your estate agent can represent you. This is not the case, it’s one of the biggest transactions you will ever make and it is always advisable to have legal representation. The legal fees are the same for buying as for selling; between 1-3%, but be advised there will be additional costs for any paperwork they update on your behalf.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

5, Be aware of all the costs and charges. Make sure you fully understand any costs or charges you may have to pay when selling your property. As well as legal costs you will have estate agency fees and/or commission to pay when they find a buyer for your house. Commission rates may vary according to the level of marketing you have requested for your property. There may also be Capital Gains Tax to pay if you are not re-investing any profit made from the sale of your house into property in Portugal. Capital Gains Tax is charged at 28.5%.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

So to recap, make sure you list your property with a reputable, fully AMI licensed estate agent. Provide the agent with all the required, updated documents. Make sure all your taxes are paid up to date. Engage a specialist  property lawyer and be aware of all the cost and charges you are going to incur.                                          

If you follow these simple steps then selling your property should be plain sailing!


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