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Portugal Tops World Travel Awards!

Portugal Tops World Travel Awards!

Portugal continues to rise as one of the world's top travel and quality of life destinations. Recently winning not one...but ten awards in total at the World Travel Awards. Three world's best awards and three European awards.



All awards are significant obviously, but to be honoured with the prestigious World's Leading Destination award is an amazing achievement for not just the Portuguese people but for all the different nationalities that have helped to make Portugal the country it is today. This award comes after the Algarve, on Portugal's southern coast, once again recieved an award for Europe's Leading Beach Destination. For sun and beach loving holiday makers this award will provide encouragement for those contemplating where to go on holiday in 2018, especially since Portugal is just a two and a half hour flight from the UK and within four hours from all major European countries.

So why has Portugal picked up so many awards in 2017?

Most would say it is because of the countless blue flag beaches covering the western and southern coastlines. Others would say is it down to the sunny year round weather. However there are many reasons for this. Portugal and particularly the Algarve have for many years dominated awards for its golf. With the Algarve alone having over forty spectacular courses and over seventy throughout the whole of Portugal, many of which are of championship standard. 

Holiday makers from all over the world are attracted by Portugal's healthy and easy going lifestyle, it's wonderful cuisine and strong traditions. The slower pace of life attracts thousands of permanent residents to Portugal every year. Particularly those who are tired of the constant stress of living in the UK, with many thinking: 300 days of sunshine per year... golden beaches... amazing golf courses... cheaper cost of life... fabulous cuisine. Why not! Time to emigrate!

The Portuguese people themselves are a major factor in why foreigners choose Portugal over other European countries. Those new to Portugal often cite how kind and hospitable the Portuguese are and feel they are welcomed with open arms.

Portugal also collected awards in the categories of Europe's and World's Leading Tourist Board - Turismo de Portugal, World's Leading Tourism Authority Websitewww.VisitPortugal.com and Europe's Leading Destination.

Meanwhile Lisbon picked up World’s Leading City Break Destination, Madeira got World’s Leading Island Destination, Pine Cliffs Resort won World’s Best Luxury Leisure Resort, Parques de Sintra was elected the World’s Leading Conservation Company and 

Phew! One busy little country! So where will you be going on holiday or buying a new home in 2018?