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Portugal's New Rental Advertising Law

Portugal's New Rental Advertising Law

With local tourism on the rise in Portugal, digital channels advertising rental properties has steadily increased in recent years. In an effort to effectively manage and regulate this activity the Portuguese government has implemented the 'Registo Nacional de Tourism’ (National Tourism Registry), also known as the ‘Alogamento Local’ (Local Accommodation) licence.



Licensing of Portuguese rental properties has been in effect for many years, and was updated in August of 2014 to stay relevant with the evolving activity of rentals across the country. The newest change, going into effect July 1st, 2017, focuses on how rental properties are advertised online and is another step to ensure compliance and consumer protection.  


This alteration was anticipated and is in conjunction with authorities clamping down on unlicensed properties, and will affect websites who omit the AL number when advertising local accommodation in Portugal. Fines could be quite steep and are expected to range from €125 up to €32,500, according Decree-law nº80/2017


We are happy to advise Ideal Homes Rentals properties are all fully complaint with the new legislation, and we welcome working with home, and property, owners looking to bring their property to market as a rental investment.