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Ryanair Left You Stranded?

Ryanair Left You Stranded?

Stuck and stranded due to the Ryanair cancellations? No need to worry as we've got your back and are here to help!

Stuck and stranded due to the Ryanair cancellations? Annoyed, frustrated and wondering where you are going to sleep and what you're going to do? Or even how soon can you get home?

If you're in the Algarve looking to fly out of Faro Airport and you unfortunately find yourself in this situation and are unsure how to arrange accommodation you're in luck - we've got your back. Simply contact us and we'll help you find airport transfer to and from the airport, as well as accommodation while you wait for your flights to be rescheduled. 

The weather in the Algarve is lovely, summer is still lingering and the evenings are cooling beautifully for restful sleep. Maybe take this as a sign the planets have aligned for you to have a few more holiday days! 

Need help finding accommodation while you wait?

Contact us! 
 +351 289 513 454 | 0800 133 7644

Ideal Homes Rentals   
Want a holiday that gives the authentic feeling of what its like to live in the Algarve? Then take a look through our selection of rental properties where you can feel at home while deeply enjoying the life and culture of Southern Portugal.   
Permanent Holidays 
Ready to turn your vacation into full time living in the sun? If it's time to invest in a holiday home, rental property or planning for retirement, then have a look at our portfolio of wonderful properties. And for a closer look, book a Viewing Trip tailored to your needs.
Competitive Mortgage Rates
Need financing for your real estate investment? A variety of competitive Portuguese Mortgages are available with interest rates as low as 1.75%. Contact us for a free consultation.
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