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Web Summit - Expands Lisbon Stay to 2028!

Web Summit - Expands Lisbon Stay to 2028!

If you’re on the edge of technology you’ve undoubtedly have heard of Web Summit - europe's leading technology conference. Originally formed in Dublin, Ireland and later moved to take up head quarters in Lisbon, Portugal.

In 2015 co-founder Paddy Cosgrave announced the Web Summit conference would be moving to Portugal's increasingly popular capital, Lisbon for a period of time. In its first year in Portugal Web Summit attracted more than 40,000 participants from around the globe eager to learn and network with the who's who in tech and a crossover of fields utilizing technolgy to advance in thier respective industries. 


This year’s Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon witnessed, close to 70 000 attendees from 170 countires. Making it the biggest Web Summit conference to date. Paddy has since announced with the success of the event and a €110M offer from the Portuguese goverment to stay in Portugal, Web Summit has a permanent home in Portugal until 2028.


With this announcement, it seems he will be relocating to Lisbon stating, “My wife told me last night that we’re moving to Lisbon, so it seems the decision has been made. I’ve already spent a lot of time here and it looks like I’ll be spending a lot more along with my wife and our little son, Portugal is a special place and we fell in love,”


Paddy is also trying to help “restart” Portugal's capital city as the country continues its development from a debt crisis. Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa called on technology titans to join the fight against xenophobia, intolerance and racism. At the closing ceremony of Web Summit 2018


“Digital technology must not forget the rest of society and of course, you are, in a certain way, pioneers, heroes and leaders in the present and future. But don’t forget everyone else please and help to create a better world.” said Paddy.  


“Web Summit is not only an event to bring foreigners to Portugal, but also an excellent opportunity to incentivise the Portuguese to undertake business and encourage all those who are graduating from our universities to develop their own businesses,” Costa said, after visiting dozens of startup stands at Web Summit.