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What our clients say

  • Sasha made us feel as if we were his only clients!

    Joe Eley ,  
    My wife, Terri, and I have had the pleasure of working with Sasha Sharpley over the past 18 months. We had determined that relocating/retiring to Portugal, specifically The Algarve region, was our goal. This was going to take a lot of research and help, especially during a pandemic. We contacted Sasha in early January 2020. His patience and responsiveness has been remarkable, second to none. Each time, via email, text, or video call, Sasha made us feel as if we were his only clients. His expertise and vast knowledge of his properties is very reassuring, especially as clients living over 5,000 miles away. We purchased in Lagos, Portugal having never visited the area. Because of Sasha, we have never had a doubt about our decision. Never pushy, a great listener, and always quick to respond are a few of the traits that will allow us to confidently recommend Sasha. Hands down, the most qualified realtor we have dealt with.
  • Sasha Sharpley is an attention-to-detail real estate professional who also has a high level of integrity!

    Gail Stone,  
    I am in the process of purchasing a new apartment in Lagos, Portugal. Having never purchased a property outside of the United States before, I was nervous about investing internationally, and I had A LOT of questions. I was referred to the expert... Sasha Sharpley.    My experience with Sasha has been outstanding! He provides world class customer service and his knowledge of real estate is second to none. I have been SO impressed with Sasha and feel honored to work with him.    Shortly after my inquiry, Sasha scheduled a Zoom meeting to say hello and answer all of my questions. He gave me his undivided attention, was patient, listened carefully, and answered all of my questions. He invited me to reach out to him if I had any further questions. After talking with Sasha, I felt much more comfortable with the international buying process.    I wholeheartedly appreciate Sasha's care and thoughtful consideration with me. During my due diligence, I asked more questions about the unit I selected. Sasha was not involved in the initial unit selection, but I am so glad that he called me to talk about it. It really mattered to Sasha that I had the perfect apartment for my specific needs. After our discussion, I decided to change units. And together, we found it! He even talked with the developer about it. Wow! Talk about customer service...   Sasha is collegial and collaborative. As the purchasing process moves along, Sasha has connected me with an excellent attorney, a rep from a mortgage company, and he has even helped with the planning of my upcoming trip to Portugal and referred me to someone who could suggest a rental car company for me to contact.   Sasha Sharpley is an attention-to-detail real estate professional who also has a high level of integrity. He provides phenomenal customer service and does this on an entirely new level. It is an honor and pleasure to work with him.  
  • Fantastic Realtor - We are delighted to have found a great condo in Tavira!

    Skip Hansen & Nancy Melcher,  
    We came to Portugal for a week with the goal of making on a condo/house if found the right property for us. We were very lucky to have John Milpas assigned as our realtor and guide. John listened to us, brought us to many varied possibilities, and modified our schedule as he learned more about us. He wasn't interested in trying to get us to spend the most money. He just wanted to help us find what worked best for us. We are delighted to have found a great condo in Tavira. John was a fantastic to help to us. I highly recommend him.
  • We went home with confidence and a fantastic relationship to the whole office of “Ideal Homes

    Guenter Hotz
    We went for 5 days to Vilamoura to buy an apartment. Not knowing anybody, we selected some agencies via internet and Telefone conversations. Not anyone personally knowing, we reacted on verbal conversations and already there, we found, that Dorin Zander of Ideal Homes realised what we wanted and what program we expected. All estate agencies very helpful and nice, but when we met John Malpas we certainly felt to get the right support and confidence. Not buying for any price was important, no, confidence and relationship between buyer and agency (personal) with trust ,makes the deal. Closing the deal was the peak.
  • All the staff are knowledgeable, professional and always on hand for any query!

    Tracie S
    I bought my first property through Ideal Homes and the whole process went through perfectly. I have since bought another property with them. Not just the purchasing went well, but I now rent out both properties through Ideal Homes and am so pleased with all my dealings with them. I am very pleased with all my dealings I have had with the team.