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Why you should(n’t) visit Algarve in Summertime

Why you should(n’t) visit Algarve in Summertime

Living all my life in Algarve I can tell you the perks and the downsides of living here.


First of all, the coffee, the coffee it’s SO expensive in some places! You drive 10min and the coffee increases 4 times! 


And then you have the sun, you have 300 days of sunny days! In summer time you will feel that you are in HELLGARVE! It’s SO hot here! 


You want to go to the beach and it’s like you are in a massive picnic in the sand, everybody stepping on your towel, children screaming and throwing sand at you. 


No parking spots ANYWHERE!  


Groceries? Only if you go at 8:00, otherwise the only thing you will find is onion peels and empty shelves!


Restaurants are all chaotic. People are rude, and always in a rush. 


You want to have a walk in Marina de Vilamoura after dinner and it looks like mad ants walking around.



But you know what?


I wouldn’t change it for any place in the world!


We have the most beautiful beaches in the WORLD, the quality of living here its indescribable. 


Yes, almost everything here is expensive but it’s worth it.  


The environment, the warmth that the locals receive you and the views are amazing.


It’s a privilege living here. 


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Written by Margarida Neto