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12 Reasons to Love the Algarve

12 Reasons to Love the Algarve

We had a long list of reasons to love the Algarve but were unsure if you would even get past three or four so we kept it short and sweet. Welcome to the Sweet Life here in the Algarve...



The Algarve holds the potential to be the perfect European relocation destination, whether it's for a holiday home, a permanent home or retirement purposes, there are many reasons to love the third most peaceful country in the world. The Algarve especially with its hobbies and interests, such as photography, painting, nature watching, walking, or even for people who are athletic, with its accessibility to surfing, golf, tennis, horse riding, kayaking and many more.
With over a hundred or more flights on a daily basis, there is no shortage of options to head on over and bask in the golden sun on one of the many blue flag beaches. Savor the taste of fresh seafood and exquisite wine whilst enjoying the warm and welcoming approach from the locals. Attend different events and festivals all over the region, in the summer months some places can hold month long celebrations!
There are an abundant amount of reasons to visit the Algarve, so why not come on over and experience them for yourself first hand! Portugal looks forward to meeting you... 

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