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Love. Peace. Algarve - A Nation United! ✨

Love. Peace. Algarve - A Nation United! ✨

During this difficult time, the people of Portugal have come together as one in order to keep spirits high and raise morale among its own!


Times are pretty strange at the moment and we’re starting to realise just how much we take for granted. A simple trip to the neighbours house for a cup of tea, a stroll through the park with the kids and even bumping into friends at the supermarket are all things we are no longer able to do.

What we’re finding is that where we live is important, especially right now. Some may inadvertently become panic buyers, some are experiencing what they feel is a chaotic disruption to their lives and others are just simply not wanting to comply with new regulations. However, there are many that are surprisingly finding it peaceful and are taking advantage of their relaxing environments. 

Take the Algarve for example, three weeks ago the president made a statement stressing everyone should stay in their homes unless it is essential for them to travel and the public responded by staying home, which in turn resulted in the country's situation slowing down.

Everyone is thinking of each other, this can be seen in the way n
o one is bulk buying items and when they do it’s for different reasons such as donating to those in need.

Spirits are high across Portugal, named the 3rd safest in the world, and you can feel it even more so now. Some may say it's the weather but there are many places around the world which have great weather, it's just the Portuguese way of life in general and this has very quickly rubbed off on many expats who live here permanently, or are stuck as they are not able to travel home, ensuring everyone bands together as one. 

All in all living in Portugal is pretty easy no matter what gets thrown our way and in the Algarve, country life is preferred by many due to the peacefulness. Other than the sounds of birds chirping in the trees - who doesn’t love that? - not much else can be heard creating a tranquil atmosphere where you can relax under the sun.

Take a look at some of the country properties we have available and contact us to book a virtual tour! You can be shown around and be provided with all the necessary information, helping you create the better quality of life you've always wanted. 

Country - Villa For Sale - Loule - Algarve

São Brás De Alportel

  • Located in Loulé, Central Algarve
  • 3 bed | 2 bath villa
  • 10 mins from Loulé market town
  • Partially renovated...More
Villa - Paderne - Albufeira - Pool


  • Located in Paderne, Central Algarve
  • 4 bed | 3 bath villa
  • Private heated swimming pool
  • Close to picturesque village...More
Country Villas - For Sale - Algarve - Private


  • Located in Silves, Central Algarve
  • 3 bed | 3 bath villa
  • 5000m2 manicured grounds
  • Surrounded by Orange Groves...More
Luxury - Pool - Villa - For Sale - Portugal

São Brás De Alportel

  • Located in Loulé, Central Algarve
  • 4 bed | 4 bath villa
  • 20 minutes from Faro
  • Quiet residential area...More

Barão de S. Miguel

  • Located in Vila do Bispo, West Algarve
  • 3 bed | 3 bath farmhouse
  • Studio apartment on site
  • Pool, stables, lake...More
Luxury Villa - Lagos - Portugal - Vacation


  • Located in Lagos, West Algarve
  • 6 bed | 8 bath villa
  • Stunning views
  • Very popular location...More
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