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Silver Coast or Algarve...Where Should You Buy Property?

Silver Coast or Algarve...Where Should You Buy Property?

Portugal is a wonderful place to live, spend your holidays and also invest. If you´re looking to purchase property in Portugal, you can get great financing options even if you’re not a resident! You can apply for up to 80% financing with interest rates as low as 1%, so if there was ever a time to buy, it’s now! 



If investment is your reason for buying property in Portugal, let's talk about prices. Whereas in the Silver Coast, you can buy more affordable property, your window for generating income is quite limited, as you can count on the summer, but come winter, things die down quite a bit. 


The Algarve, on the other hand, is a well known hot spot for tourism, with both nationals and international visitors flocking to the region and its long stretches of golden sandy beaches. 


Add to that the mild year long weather and award winning golf courses - you're set for rentals throughout the fall and spring. 


Christmas is also quite a popular rental season, with people looking for a warm and sunny holiday! In the end you're looking at pretty much a full year of rental income in the Algarve!



Relocating to Portugal?

If you're relocating to Portugal, congratulations! You're making a great decision! Known as the third safest country in the world, with a calm, laid back lifestyle, what's not to love about the country?


If you choose the Silver Coast as your new home, you'll get to experience a more traditional Portuguese lifestyle, which means you'll have to step up your Portuguese before arriving! If you're moving with your family, including school aged children there is only one international school in the region. 


The Algarve offers a laid back lifestyle, whether you are looking to live in the country or by the sea. English is widely spoken in the region, so it'll be easy to get assistance until you've learned to speak the language. 


You'll also still be immersed in the Portuguese culture, but with the ease of resorting to English, if you haven't quite gotten a handle on the language. School aged children can choose between a whopping TEN international schools throughout the Algarve. 




Without a doubt, what sets the two regions apart is the weather. The Silver Coast will offer you a range of seasons, from hot summers to cold winters and everything in between. The Algarve on the other hand, has approximately 300 days of sunshine! This means more time to lounge in the warm sun, explore the outdoors, and leave your heavy coats, gloves and scarves at home!


Our Property Advisor, Sandy Barreiros, shares her insider knowledge on our YouTube channel, check out the video here - https://youtu.be/dvq_9d-MjQw


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