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What Should you Consider When Buying a Property in Portugal?

What Should you Consider When Buying a Property in Portugal?

Great properties - both traditional and modern, enviable clear blue skies, mouth watering delicacies, an abundance of award-winning beaches, historical cities everywhere you go and so much more... What’s not to love about the Algarve?


If you’re seriously considering buying property in the Algarve and want to fully understand the options available to you. Whether you’re considering relocating to Portugal permanently, investing in a holiday home where you can also make an additional income or simply wanting a second home in the sun - Ideal Homes International has you covered. 


With over 1000 properties for sale in the Algarve and a range of services available, the team is made up of real estate professionals who can assist with the entire process from A-Z. Before you get started, there are three simple questions you should ask yourself:


1.Why are you looking to buy a property?


As mentioned previously, understanding why you are wanting to buy a property in Portugal - relocation, retirement, investing, vacation home etc - is a crucial step in finding you the right property. By speaking with the experts, you can have an entire portfolio available to choose a new home from in your chosen area. 


2.Do you require financing?


Mortgages in Portugal are in high demand among individuals wanting to take advantage of the low interest rates and unbeatable loan terms. Depending on personal circumstances, finance in Portugal can currently be obtained at an all time low 0.875% up to 40 years with 80% borrowed. 


If you’re needing financial assistance, contact Jose Mendonça at Ideal Homes Mortgages on jose@idealhomesmortgages.com and he can advise and even assist on the steps needed to apply. Pre-approval is highly recommended when wanting to know what budget to work with. 


3.Are you going to rent your property out?


Following question 1, if you decide to purchase a holiday home in the Algarve, would you consider renting it out for holiday rentals in the months it’s not in use? This way you can make money off your property while you’re not here.


Once you have a property in mind, speak to Megan Holland at Ideal Homes Rentals on megan@idealhomesrentals.com, she can provide you with rental projections and advise whether or not you can look to make a high ROI long term.


Renting out for short term lets also assists with paying your monthly mortgage effectively making sure your property pays for itself. 


“Whether your property is an investment, focused on gaining the highest possible ROI, or you have a holiday home which you’d like to earn an extra cash flow from when you aren’t using it yourself to cover costs, we listen to you and adapt to meet your needs. Your happiness is our priority.” - Megan Holland, Head of Aftersales and Rentals, Ideal Homes Rentals




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About Ideal Homes International


Recognised as a multi-award winning real estate agency based in the Algarve, Ideal Homes International provides a one stop shop with over 35 years combined experience in the real estate industry, you can speak with experts in a variety of fields from determining the best investment location in the Algarve, Portuguese residency and taxes, financial assistance from their in-house mortgage broker along with property and rental management services. 

To purchase a property, or if you have any questions please get in touch with the team at Ideal Homes International on info@idealhomesinternational.com or give them a call on +351 289 513 434.