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Buying property in Portugal during Covid

Buying property in Portugal during Covid

Covid 19 has changed the world, and the way that people work. Technology has never been as helpful or as important as now, and you can take advantage of many free services to speak to your contacts in Portugal face to face. There are many things you can do remotely nowadays including:

Search for property  

Most real estates will still be working, even if remotely. This means calls and emails are still active and you can discuss your property goals and plans with your trusted agent to get the process started. Nowadays virtual tours are the new way of viewing properties and their surrounding areas from the comfort of your home - no travel or juggling appointments!


Meet with your agent 

Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp are just some of the ways you can have a face to face meeting with the person who will be helping you along the way. Having a leisurely conversation and exchanging thoughts and ideas with your agent is the best way to get the most information, in the most efficient way. 



Apply for mortgage 

Mortgage applications can be handed in online, and with interest rates currently as low as 1%, there is now better time to make the move. 


Set up your tax number and bank account 

You can go it alone, or go the easier route and hire a trusted lawyer to assist you in this step. Your lawyer will assist you step by step and make sure all of your paperwork is in order. 


Buy your property 

The buying process is becoming simpler by the day, as you can rely on your lawyer to assist you through the stages of signing the promissory contract, as well as the deed.


Post sale 

Choose a great property management team who can help you with all of the post sales tasks, such as switching on your utilities, getting your internet set up. 


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