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Quinta Living Portugal - A quality lifestyle tradition youโ€™ll want in your future. โ˜€๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฐ

Quinta Living Portugal - A quality lifestyle tradition youโ€™ll want in your future. โ˜€๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฐ

Discover the charm and health benefits of a traditional Portuguese quinta, and how its culture of quality is leading to a more sustainable lifestyle.





Never heard of a traditional Portuguese Quinta? You may wish you had... Portuguese quintas are little known outside Portugal, but relished treasures of 'quality of living' in Portugal.

Historically quintas were family owned estate type farm homes surrounded by large plots of nutrient rich land intended for both economic sustenance and family consumption. Quality of land and ensuring it was well maintained to guarantee what came from it was gold - was priority one. Unfortunately, through time and faster, more modern cultivation practices, many of Portugal's traditional quintas were lost.

Quintas today are still revered for the culture of quality they created centuries ago. Many continue using organic and sustainable principles, produce quality products and practice the lovely tradition of sharing everything from seasonal harvests, what grows wild, to handmade delicacies with friends and family. Many of Portugal's vineyards, and wines are still produced on quintas, with the labels bearing their name.

Our property of the month for October celebrates traditional Portuguese quinta living with a renovated villa nestled across 70,000m2(7 hectares) of land lush with fruit trees; orange, lemon, fig, grape, pear and plums - to name a few - and wildlife; deer, hare, ducks and a variety of local bird species.

It has 3 double sized bedrooms, 3 baths, oak fitted kitchen, internal barbecue with external chimney allowing for year round grilling, breakfast bar, sitting area and installed water purification system. An oil fired combination boiler provides instant hot water and central heating, an electric zoned underfloor heating system is also installed for those rare chilling evenings. Multiple gardens and seating areas allow for quiet contemplation over 360º panoramic mountain views whilst surrounded by nature, as well as somewhere dinners alfresco and a relaxing pool dip can also be enjoyed.

If traditional quality living is what you've been yearning for, this thoughtfully restored property must be seen and experienced in person to be understood. Treasures like this don't come around often anymore, so we recommend you get in touch soon. Or join us at The Overseas Property Show, 20-21st, October in Birmingham to learn all about this property and upcoming projects focused on traditional future living - tickets are free!

3 BEDROOMS | 3 BATHS | €550,000
Interested in a new project that will take traditional Portuguese quinta living into the future? Be the first - to discover and partake in the development of PLANTATION! A concept of sustainable quality living that will include a working farm and wellness eco-community integrated into the natural environment, with land for vineyards and growing of fruit trees and vegetables for its residents. Among many other features and services; library, spa, fitness suites, yoga dojo, artists atelier...

Located beside the River Guadiana on the Algarve-Spanish border in an attractive tranquil riverside setting. THE PLANTATION HOME offering will be ideal for those looking for a healthy lifestyle inclusive of modern conveniences, yet true to local culture and traditional in its roots.

Complete the survey below to have your input noted and win a chance for a 3 day viewing trip, at a luxury country home in Southern Portugal, where you can see the location and meet the project coordinators!
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