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Financing your Renovations

Financing your Renovations

Does the property you own in Portugal need renovations? If you are thinking of applying for financing to assist you with the renovations then we have great news for you.


Ideal Homes Mortgages is ready to assist you through the process of applying for financing so you can move forward with your renovations.


It is important to note the following information:


  • You can apply for up to 80% financing (based on a builders quote)
  • There is a one off evaluation fee of 239€
  • Regular evaluations will be arranged by the bank throughout the renovation of the property


To give you an idea of the costs involved take a look at the example below:


Builders quote 20,000.00€
Finance - 80% 16,000.00€
Interest rate 0,873%
Repayment period 10 years/ 120 months
Monthly repayment 139,29€

This is a fictional example and not based on actual figures


The full process will be explained in detail when you contact us and best of all, this service is FREE of charge!


If you are renovating with the thought of selling the property afterwards, Ideal Homes International will gladly assist you in this regard.


We have many active clients looking for property to purchase in Portugal. 


The combination of great food, wine, amazing weather, beautiful beaches and peace of mind attracts many looking to buy their dream home or those looking to invest in property.


The Algarve region in particular offers great lifestyle choices whether its nature, the beach, waterparks or golf resorts. 




You may have renovated your property with the thought of earning rental income. Contact Ideal Homes Rentals and they will assist you with rental simulation figures for your property.


The rental market in the Algarve is preparing for the busy summer season and whether you chose to rent your apartment out for long or short term rentals, there are various solutions which you could consider.



When you are looking to apply for finance it is always highly recommended that you speak to an experienced and registered mortgage broker in Portugal. Since 2013, Ideal Homes Mortgages has provided brokerage services with a vision of providing service excellence, and ensuring clients requiring real estate financing are well informed and confident in their property purchases and investments in Portugal.


To book your FREE consultation with a registered mortgage broker, get in touch with the experts on info@idealhomesmortgages.com today to start the application process, or give them a call on +351 289 513 434.