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An inside guide to the beautiful Fuzeta in the East Algarve!

An inside guide to the beautiful Fuzeta in the East Algarve!

With a history dating back to 1572, Fuzeta is a fishing village full of character and charm.

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It originated with the name Fozeta which was derived from the diminutive for foz, (referring to the river mouth); the Rio Tronoco enters the Atlantic Ocean from this location.


Even today, the name is surprising as many say Fuseta whereas others call it Fuzeta.


Starting with the fisherman's tents, Fuzeta (yes for me it’s Fuzeta) continued to grow until it became more and more known. Situated in the eastern region of the Algarve, it nestles in front of the protected area of Ria Formosa - a place where building is restricted.


Lunchtime in Fuzeta is a treat, BBQ restaurants line the streets, selling fish from the water beside you to your table. Nothing beats the aroma, even if your not hungry the temptation is too much


Fuzeta shares its beach with the Ria Formosa and it also has a beach that is on an island that located on the east part of the Armona Island, this is slightly after the Ria Formosa and can be access by small boats of fisherman, making the trip to the beach memorable moment.


Fuzeta is one of the few places that has a walkable beach, no water taxi is required. 


Not forgetting that due to the impossibility of construction, you can really be one with nature and enjoy the special place this location has to offer.


Praia da Fuzeta is a blue flag beach, one of many in the Algarve.


Most buildings in Fuzeta have a more traditional Portuguees style and now, even though more modern buildings are beginning to appear, they will not change the traditional style Fuzeta has to offer.


There is a train station situated in Fuzeta that will take you to Faro, here you can change trains to other areas including Lisbon, or further East to the border of Spain with Tavira in between. 


Faro airport is approximately 30 minutes from Fuzeta making it an easily accessible place for travellers, or homeowners, from all around the world. 



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