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GME stock soars above expectations, will it drop? And is it safe?

GME stock soars above expectations, will it drop? And is it safe?

A Wow Investment = Risk

One week ago GME stock was 39$ a share, it is now trading at 237$ a share as we speak. At Ideal Homes we love these types of investments where your money increases. However, we love a SAFE investment. A safe investment to us is money in bricks and mortar. 


An example of this is one of our clients who bought an apartment with us in Lagos for €435k, has now sold it for €670k and in the meantime, has also made over €80k in rental income over the last three years.


For this client:

  • The overall cash investment was €435k
  • 20% of this is €87k
  • Furniture cost - €20k
  • Closing costs - €30k
  • Total €137k


With the assistance of Ideal Homes Rentals - the property investment specialists - the total profit this client made was €178k, which is a much better profit than GME, with the added benefit of the lovely memories he created in this home. 


Would you like a safe investment? To contact the rental specialist, email Megan at megan@idealhomesrentals.com or call on +351 915 744 262

If you would like an investment specialist, contact the best investment specialist Sandy at sandy@idealhomesinternational.com or call on +351 910 668 600