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How much does it cost for Portugal’s Golden Visa?

How much does it cost for Portugal’s Golden Visa?

Interested in Portugal’s Golden Visa to gain citizenship to this amazing country? This blog gives more information on how much it’s going to cost.


The Portuguese Golden Visa is increasing in popularity year on year, and it’s easy to see why. By investing a minimum amount of money, you’re able to live in Portugal and gain citizenship within 5 years, allowing you to receive a second passport that lets you live, work, or study anywhere in the EU.


Another reason why it is such a hit with expats is that it has the best quality of life in the world. And with high quality standards of living – as shown through our houses for sale in Portugal – healthcare, and an exceptional climate, it’s no wonder that the Portugal Golden Visa has been capturing everyone’s attention since its inception in 2012.


Much like any scheme, there is intrigue about how much it’s going to cost. Especially with the Portugal Golden Visa, where an investment is needed in exchange for citizenship. With this in mind, we thought we’d do some number crunching and tell you roughly how much you’ll need.


A minimum investment


There are a number of pathways to take if you’re looking to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa, with each needing a monetary investment to show you’re committed to helping the countries’ economy.

Examples include investing in property (a minimum amount of €280,000 depending on where the site is located), investing a minimum of €1million in a Portuguese company, or creating at least 10 jobs for Portuguese nationals. This, amongst many other investments you can make, will mean you’re eligible for a Portuguese Golden Visa should you meet other requirements when applying.


As you can see, a Golden Visa in Portugal requires a sizeable investment. But if you have money saved up for a brand new property in our gorgeous country, then we can assure you it’ll be worth it!


From January 2022, it is worth noting that the minimum investment for some options will change. Most notably:


  • When investing in property only low density areas will be eligible. This means that investing in areas such as Lisbon and the Algarve won’t qualify you for a Golden Visa in Portugal.
  • You will have to invest €1.5million in capital transfer to a Portuguese bank instead of €1million.


Additional fees


As with many other procedures of this nature, obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa requires additional fees in order to get the process over the line.


Of course, these are much smaller than your initial investment, but they are worth noting to help you budget. Some of the additional costs include:


  • Standard processing fee for application and renewal - €533.90 plus €83.30 per family member.
  • Government fees - €5,336.40 per family member – half of this amount on renewal every two years.


It is worth getting in touch with a legal company that specialises in the Portugal Golden Visa to learn more about specific costs. This way, you will encounter no hidden fees when you come to finalising the process.


Compared to other Golden Visas


Compared to the Golden Visas of Spain and Greece, for example, there are some similarities and differences to be had when it comes to cost. For example, both the Portuguese and Spanish Golden Visa require minimum investments of €500,000 in real estate, whereas you need to invest a minimum of €250,000 in property for a Greek Golden Visa.


It’s argued that the Greek Golden Visa is the cheapest option of the three, which is factually true. But with many other benefits besides cost, it’s easy to understand why so many more people opt for the Portugal Golden Visa.



Would you like to benefit from a Portugal Golden Visa?


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