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Portugal Masters Golf Tour 2018!

Portugal Masters Golf Tour 2018!

Love yourself some Green? If you're a golf fan, or fanatic, September is the time of year to be in the Algarve!

At this very moment the Algarve is hosting the Portugal Masters! In case you’re not familiar its a European men’s professional golf tournament. Started in 2007 with a prize fund of €3 million and today is on of the top European Tour events. 


Bringing in some of the world’s best golfers likes of Sergio Garcia and Pádraig Harrington among others keeping golf entertaining... Portugal has developed as one of Europe's, if not world’s top golf destinations, and the Portugal Masters 2018 will run until Sunday September 23rd. If you missed being here this year, you may want to plan not to miss Portugal Masters 2019 - in the meantime you can catch the event here.


And of course if being close to Algarve's fabulous golf courses year round is where you'd like to be, we can help you find a wonderful property right next to some very well manicured green.