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Ideal Homes TV Coming Soon!

Ideal Homes TV Coming Soon!

IHTV offers weekly mini TV episodes on everything you need to know about buying property overseas.

Starting on February 5th, Ideal Homes TV will feature the stunning Algarve including the east, west and central areas as well as Costa Blanca, with the latter premiering first. 



Join us weekly as we walk you through some breathtaking properties and all you require to know before you purchase. 


Our specialists will be close by to help and advise on the best properties in popular locations and on Spain and Portugal’s Golden Visa residency programs. 



Every week we will be joined by our Portuguese and Spanish lawyers who have practical experience in Residency, Golden Visa and Real Estate Law, who will make purchasing your property in Portugal straightforward and simple. 


Find stunning properties ideal for any financial plan or reason, similar to a vacation home or a speculation for the rental market… Only on Ideal Homes TV! 



If you are currently searching for a property or are still trying to decide on what location is best for you, make sure to tune in and see what the experts have to say. All you need to do is click here - https://www.idealhomesinternational.com/ihtv


Fill in your information and we will send the exclusive link so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox!