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Ideal Homes International is offering the Perfect Investment Property of Sale in Florida at an Exclusive Discount

Ideal Homes International is offering the Perfect Investment Property of Sale in Florida at an Exclusive Discount

Invest in the most amazing property resorts in Florida that can also be rented out to pay the mortgage when the owner does not need it.


Purchasing property can sometimes be a very difficult task. From finding the perfect location to getting a property that is budget-friendly the process requires a lot of hustle. Hence, hiring a real estate agency sometimes makes it very easy for people to get their dream property at just the right price.


This is where Ideal Homes International jumps right in. It prides itself in providing the perfect property that is aligned with its customers’ interest in the most budget-friendly packages. With that being said, the current Investment Property for sale in Florida is not something that one can miss out on. 


Ideal Homes International is offering some of the most amazing Orlando Property for sale and that too, at discounted rates. By investing in an exclusive Ideal Homes property in Florida, one can enjoy the privileges of taking family and closed ones to see beautiful Disney and also get a chance to utilize the vacation dollars that one would otherwise spend on expensive hotels to make money. 


The Exclusive resort condominium is offering a good 10% discount to investors which is currently not available for other people. The President of Ideal Homes, Chris White says that “before the discount, the limited number of condominiums with two or three-bedroom starts at $337,000”, which makes Florida property a perfect deal, worth investing in.


The resort has a management team that is responsible to take care of the Florida property and rent it out when the owners are not there. This way, those who have invested in the property can easily earn income and also pay the mortgage. The owners can also keep the extra money depending on how often they visit and use the property. 



What makes the Florida Property for sale most attractive is that the resort is near Florida’s Disney and other popular locations such as Sea World theme parks and Universal Studios. These resorts, being on a lake offers a lot of fun and recreational activities for families and children. 


The exclusive 10% discount on the current Orlando property for Sale, allows people to save $33,700 and get a two-bedroom Condominium. People have complete freedom to whether use it for themselves, for children, grandchildren or to just visit once a year. The management takes care of the rentals and pay the mortgage when one is not around to visit. Additionally, staying at the resort during peak times for a month lowers the returns in comparison to when one doesn’t come to stay at all.


Florida’s real estate industry is currently seeing massive growth and would even continue to boom once the pandemic ends. Hence, selling off the property after a few years would guarantee high returns. So, if one decides to sell it for $500,000 then there is a good possibility to make around $206,000. With the rise in the tourism industry, it is very likely to find renters. During the holiday season, the resorts are very much booked with most of the renters spending around three hundred dollars per night. 


The Florida Property for sale is also a good option for immigrants who plan to migrate to Florida whether due to its favorable weather or low taxes. 



Chris White, the president of Ideal Homes International, will be available for zoom presentations at the resort.Chris will be giving other important details regarding the new units and other interesting incentives and packages that are being planned by Ideal Homes International. 


Sign up for the Virtual Event starting Monday 5th April, 2021. 


For more information, please get in touch with the team at Ideal Homes International on enquiries@idealhomesinternational.com or give them a call on +351 289 513 434 or 0800 133 7644.