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The Algarve adds up to investors in 2021!

The Algarve adds up to investors in 2021!

The Algarve has been favoured by Northern Europeans for the last 10 years and ever since the crash in 2009, the Algarve has not seen a great deal of property growth, but since they’ve seen lots of growth in Lisbon and prices have increased, the Algarve is now firmly on investors’ map.


Within the Algarve at the moment the number one place to invest is Lagos, you are expecting to see rental yields of 10% and property growth over 2021 of between 5-15%.


The main thing to look out for with an investment property for your rental clients is that the property has a swimming pool, plus extra facilities such as an indoor pool, a gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, go down very well with rental clients and increase your rental weeks from 20 to 30 weeks!


Also, Lagos has experienced the “zoom boom” which is where clients are working from home, they want nice places to stay in and the number one question that Ideal Homes Rentals clients ask are - does the property have a nice view, is it close to the town, and most importantly of all - does it have a great internet connection!


All of the new build properties that Ideal Homes have released in 2021 have fibre optic internet, they’re luxury apartments and they even come with a 5 year build guarantee.


The next step would be for you to book a call in with one of our advisors and we can take you through the deals personally.


Some of the current deals we have are from a well known developer who has been building for 30 years, he has a great development for sale called Santa Maria, this is located very close to the old town and 7 of the beaches in Lagos!


We have an amazing offer on at the moment offering just a 10% deposit in hand with a 10% discount which really stacks up. In the last 30 days we have sold over 35 properties for him, there are currently 14 left so take advantage of this deal now and contact the team on info@idealhomesinternational.com or give them a call on +351 289 513 434.


Take a look at our YouTube channel and contact us today! https://youtube.com/c/IdealHomesInternational