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Ideal Homes International offers Orlando Property investment Deals at A Special Discount

Ideal Homes International offers Orlando Property investment Deals at A Special Discount

Investment Properties for sale in Orlando, Florida by Ideal Homes International, the largest privately-owned real estate company in Europe. Available to purchase now from April 5th at 10% deposit and discount.


Orlando property is being offered as the latest addition to Ideal Homes International's portfolio of properties for sale in Florida. These Orlando properties are being offered for sale at an affordable purchase price, high rental yields and excellent capital appreciation potential. 


Demand for investment property for sale in Florida, specifically Orlando in Florida, is increasing as a result of a number of economic improvements such as construction growth, retiree growth, favorable weather and job gains that are occurring in “the Sunshine State.” Property prices are appreciating and there is growing demand from local and international buyers – making it the perfect time for investors and home buyers wishing to key into property investment to purchase Properties for sale in Orlando.


The property for sale in Orlando comes fully furnished and boasts of waterparks, a swimming pool, restaurant and spa in an excellent location. Conveniently situated in a friendly neighborhood with proximity to Disney, the properties are perfectly situated for everyone. The property comes with some perks including 10 nights usage, 10 free days at Disney, 10 days of meals on-site, 10 activities (spa, surfing, lake Austin) and 10 airport transfers from Orlando international airport. 


Properties for sale at Orlando are available for purchase now through Ideal Homes International starting with a low sale price of $337,000. The unique thing about the property is you’re just paying a 10% deposit. Also, you’ll get a 10% discount and rental management service is fully available to you for recuperating your investment.


"Our Orlando properties are completely turnkey and allow an investor or home buyer with cash, financing to buy into the housing market at a reduced rate and also earn a return on their investment. This deal is available from the 5th April, 2021" said Chris White, the CEO of Ideal Homes International.



With over ten years of experience, and with friendly and highly dedicated staff, Ideal Homes International offers clients quality property with maximum satisfaction.


About Ideal Homes International


Ideal Homes International is a multi-award-winning largest privately owned real estate company in Europe offering property for sale in the Algarve, Lisbon and Portugal. Headquartered in Portugal, the company has a dedicated team of friendly and experienced staff that is always ready to advise you on all aspects of property ownership in Portugal. With over 10 years of experience and Led by Chris White, the founder and CEO of the company, Ideal Homes has been able to build a reputation for offering properties of the best possible quality to their clients.


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For more information, please get in touch with the team at Ideal Homes International on enquiries@idealhomesinternational.com or give them a call on +351 289 513 434 or 0800 133 7644.