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Top 8 Reasons Why Lagos is a Great Rental Investment Location!

Top 8 Reasons Why Lagos is a Great Rental Investment Location!

Many looking to purchase a property in the Algarve often wonder what area is the most profitable when it comes to generating an extra income through holiday rentals.

After taking a look back over the past few years, Ideal Homes Rentals has seen a trend among tourists coming to the Algarve for their holiday and what they found is that Lagos is becoming more and more popular with people from all around the world.


As a result, it is an excellent location to invest if you are looking to purchase a rental investment in the Algarve. We have also compiled a list of another 8 reasons why Lagos is a great place to purchase a rental property:


1. Quality of Property

  • When looking to buy an apartment, villa or townhouse in Lagos, West Algarve, you will find amazing quality among most, if not all, the newest developments. As we know nationalities such as Scandanvians, Germans and Dutch, don’t settle for anything less than the best so developers strive to supply high quality properties. 
  • Some of the developers in Lagos have been in the real estate industry for over 30 years, building on land that was obtained by their ancestors, enabling them to offer the best quality at an affordable price.


2. Property Appreciation

  • Purchasing a property with these recommended developers gives you full confidence when buying an apartment, villa or townhouse, even when all you can view is a field! This is called buying off plan, when you purchase the propety before it is completed. Property in Lagos, West Algarve, is increasing in value constantly mainly due to the government controlling the amount of build, so not to change the environment, this combined with the demand for buying in Lagos, Algarve, means your property will always increase in value. You will find it hard to find a used property for sale, people don’t often want to part with them!



3. High Rental Rates

  • One of the main reasons everyone holds on to their Lagos property is down to the high rental income they achieve. Everything in Lagos is nearby resulting in the perfect holiday overseas location. Lagos being one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe means you have always someone wanting to rent your property. On top of this, there is a low amount of hotels in the area and the ones that are there are 5* and therefore expensive so holidaymakers opt for holiday apartments or villas instead. 

4. Good Mortgage Rates



5. Lots of tourists

  • Why so many tourists? Lagos experiences great weather all year round and with it being in the 3rd safest country in the world, it makes sense if you are looking for a holiday in the sun. Lagos is an easy town with something for everyone: A lovely laid back old part within castle walls where you can stroll the streets among quaint restaurants, bars and cafes. It also has a new part with lively places to go to day and night, many musicians head to Lagos for work as it is known for its live entertainment. The marina attracts the boat lovers with a wide variety of fun excursions and a great place to sit and relax while watching the world go by.


6. All Year Round

  • Lagos has become an all year round holiday destination in Europe due to the adversity of it. The summer season attracts the families, the beaches are ideal and on the shoulder months of the summer when the temperature is not as high, the golfers ascend. In the winter, the Scandanavians swap their wellies for flip flops and spend a few months in an apartment in Lagos.



7. Great Rental Management Available

  • Having a good rental management company to take care of everything for you makes this an investment without the work or worry. Someone to get your clients booked in, sort the payments, meet your clients personally on arrival and look after your investment property thoroughly.


8. Easy to do

  • All you need to do is send an email or make a call to us here at Ideal Homes. Simple! We will do the rest. We provide everything every step of the way from finding you a great rental apartment, villa or townhouse investment opportunity with a good developer that builds properties aiming at top rental prices. We have a mortgage broker free of charge who will do all the communication with the bank and negotiate the top rate possible. We then market, manage and look after your rental property here in the Algarve.


You can get in touch with the team on +351 289 513 434, 0800 133 7644 - freephone number from the UK - or email on info@idealhomesinternational.co.uk with more information on what it is you are looking for!