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Beachy Algarve Beginnings - NYE 2018!

Beachy Algarve Beginnings - NYE 2018!

Wondering how New Years Eve is celebrated in the Algarve? At the beach of course! Or if not with toes in sand, most celebrate with bubbles and an ocean view with waiting anticipation of fireworks to light up the night sky. This year those in the Vila Sol and area will not have very far to travel. Within just a twenty minute stroll towards the coast there will not only be a fireworks display but also a music concert. All being held right on the beach and best of all - for free!

Once again the Loulé council are pulling out all the stops, to better all previous New Year's festivals in the quaint fishing town of Quarteira. Not only is the Quarteira firework display one of the best and most popular in the Algarve, but now extra entertainment will be added to celebrate the passing of one year to the next and properly welcoming 2018.

This normally quiet beach spot has a history of magically turning out thousands people for its celebrations. Here people of all ages from young to old, and even entire families, turn out to see the celebrations and dance the night away under the stars. This year the local council has a great line up of entertainment to bring in the new year and expects nothing less.

Beginning at half past ten at the Praça do Mar on the buzzing promenade is the "Sou Quarteira" band organized by Quarteira's very own Hip-Hop sensation Dino D'Santiago, who will also be joined by some of the biggest names in Portuguese music. Performances by well known musicians Carol Vieira, Sara Lawrence, Bertílio Santos, Colton Benjamin and Bruno Fernandes are all on the agenda for new years eve.

On the stroke of 12 when officially into the new year party goeers can cast thier eyes over to the ocean to see the spectacular firework display emerging from the water to light the Algarve sky. However it doesn't end there! As the fireworks end, the M80 party begins, DJ's António Coimbra e Litos Diaz will be there with some funky tunes to get 2018 started with a full on boogie!

What do you wear to a New Years eve beach party in the Algarve? Whatever you want! Squeeze into a tux, a wetsuit or anything inbetween, you should however accessorize with a lovely bottle, or two of espumante of course! The forecast for the 31st is very positive, with only partially cloudy skies and temperatures at night set be between a mild 11 and 14 degrees centigrade. Pretty good for December! 

So what are your plans for New Years Eve and to jump start 2018? Not yet in the Algarve and wish you were? We can help with that! A lot of our cleints have become freinds and we would love to share a glass of bubbly with you to celebate a new home and a new life in the sun and sand!

Happy New Year!



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