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Get your Portuguese Golden Visa in 2021 before THESE changes come into play!

Get your Portuguese Golden Visa in 2021 before THESE changes come into play!

If you have been considering the freedom of applying for the Golden Visa in Portugal, this is the year to do it. Since December, there have been quite a few changes to the program, but below, we will outline the most important changes and why you shouldn't wait any longer to move forward.


What is the Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is a program that allows you to gain Portuguese residency and/or citizenship, and visa free travel in the Schengen area, through investment. There are many forms of investing, though real estate investment is the most popular way to qualify, as it provides applicants with a sound investment that can generate great rental income throughout the process. 


Where you can invest

In 2021 - Currently, you can invest anywhere in the country as there are no limitations in selecting a location. There are thresholds however, which you can read below.


From 2022 - The main cities such as Lisbon and Porto will see the end of the Golden Visa, as well as coastal areas such as the Algarve, Setubal and the Silver Coast. The Algarve in particular, which is one of the most popular places for investment due to the income generated from short term holiday rentals, will no longer be an option to purchase. 


How much you will need to invest


In 2021

In 2022*
Property in high density areas (ex. Lisbon, Porto) Minimum 500k (euros) No longer available
Property in low density areas (ex. Algarve) Minimum 400k (euros)

Will end in coastal regions of the Algarve, Setubal and Silver Coast, but still be available in low density inland regions

Threshold expected to rise

Rehabilitation projects in high density areas (ex. Lisbon, Porto) Minimum 350k (euros) No longer available 
Rehabilitation projects in Low density areas (ex. Algarve) Minimum 280k (euros)

Minimum 500k (euros)

Still to be confirmed

*Information may change or be confirmed again during the coming months




Why you should apply now

Taking into consideration that the Golden Visa will no longer be available in 2022 in some of the best investment areas, jumping into great opportunities, particularly in the Algarve, where the threshold amount is still lower, and can generate you some amazing ROI. 


How you can apply

Get started by contacting a reputable agent, who can organize the buying process and legal assistance. This is your starting point to enjoying the freedom that the Golden Visa can offer you. 


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Sandy Barreiros, Real Estate Advisor for Ideal Homes sandy@idealhomesinternational.com