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Overseas Property Ladder! The chance to own your home in the sun is only a few steps away...๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿกโ˜€

Overseas Property Ladder! The chance to own your home in the sun is only a few steps away...๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿกโ˜€

Portugal is the easiest place in Europe to obtain financing for a property, take advantage and own that home you've been dreaming of!




Do you believe in luck? Or do you believe we make our own luck? Either way, if you’re searching for your own home in the sun and are not quite sure how to get it, why not just turn your dream into a reality yourself - Risk free?!

How might you do that you ask? By taking advantage of one of the easiest financing options available throughout Europe for both residents, and non-residents, in Portugal. With financing options up to 80% over a 30 year period, or up until the age of 75, on a rate as low as 1.5%, you can have your new home in the sun, retirement location or rental investment which can help generate an additional income long term.

Speak with our Mortgage Consultant, free of charge, who can help guide you through the entire process from A-Z, ensuring all paperwork has been correctly filled and presented to the various banks we work with. You may end up qualifying for a mortgage in Portugal with more than one bank, providing a fantastic opportunity to pick the one that best suits you.

We can assist you in finding the dream home you’ve been searching for, or the perfect rental investment that will allow you to capitalise on the booming tourism industry that has been sweeping Portugal for the past couple of years. We even invite you on a subsidised investment tour so you can look at property for sale in the Algarve first hand, get a feel for the area and discuss what return options you would have available year round.

Whether you book an investment tour or bespoke viewing trip, you will be collected from Faro airport, taken to the boutique hotel you will be staying at, spend your days with professionals learning about investing in rental property, and if you think there will be no time to relax, think again. Enjoy Algarvian sunsets and warm evenings at their finest and upon the end of your stay you will be returned to the airport, hassle free.

So, are you feeling lucky? However superstitious you are, there’s nothing stopping you from getting everything you ever wanted! Get in touch with the professional and friendly team here at Ideal homes to get your journey to the sun started. We've even provided a few examples below of properties with approximate financing evaluations. 

Mortgage Pack!
Property For Sale Lagos  - Apartments Algarve - Real Estate

Cosy Condo - 190,000€ - Lagos

  • Mortgage at 80%
  • Interest rate 1.5%
  • Term of 30 years
  • Down payment 38,000€
  • Monthly payments 524.85€
  • Summer rental 1300€ p/wk
  • Winter rental 650€ p/wk
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Apartment For Sale Portimão - Portugal Property

Fab Pad - €200,000 - Portimão

  • Mortgage at 80%
  • Interest rate 1.5%
  • Term of 30 years
  • Down payment 40,000€
  • Monthly payments 552.19€
  • Summer rental 1300€ p/wk
  • Winter rental 600€ p/wk
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Cabanas Property For Sale - Algarve Real Estate Agents

Lux Life - €230,000 -  Cabanas de Tavira

  • Mortgage at 80%
  • Interest rate 1.5%
  • Term of 30 years
  • Down payment 46,000€
  • Monthly payments 635.02€
  • Summer rental 1100€ p/wk
  • Winter rental 550€ p/wk
More Info
property for sale vilamoura algarve real estate rental

New Digs - €391,000 - Vilamoura

  • Mortgage at 80%
  • Interest rate 1.5%
  • Term of 30 years
  • Down payment 78,200€
  • Monthly payments 1079.54€
  • Summer weekly rental 1800€
  • Winter weekly rental 800€
More Info
* Mortgage valuations can vary depending on each individuals personal circumstances.

* Rental figures may vary depending on number of guests and can vary slightly depending on quality of final furnishings. Appropriate setup licences, insurance, etc., required for legal rentals will apply and can all be managed by Ideal Homes 
property management and rental services. Ideal Homes ensures owners retain 90% of rental income. 
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Viewing Trip - Investment Tour - Portugal
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Come on a viewing trip tailored to your exact property search specifications. We will introduce you to finance, tax, legal, property management specialists, and ensure all of your questions about buying overseas property are addressed book your trip! 
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Buying a holiday home or have one and wondering how to manage it while you are away, or better yet looking to rent it for income? Worry not, from picking up your mail through to full rentals management we have you covered
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