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How to find the right house in Portugal!

How to find the right house in Portugal!

Purchasing your own home in Portugal is a truly life changing experience. Filled with excitement, enthusiasm and perhaps a little dose of natural apprehension, you should embrace the whole process, which starts with finding which property takes your fancy the most!


As you may be aware, Portugal offers a range of stunning properties scattered across the length and breadth of the country. No matter the location, you’ll be able to find a gorgeous build that will be sure to tick many boxes.


We understand that when presented with so many amazing houses for sale in Portugal, the choice might be harder than you think! So, with this in mind, let us at Ideal Homes Portugal help you decide on your perfect new house. 


What are you buying the house for?


Before deciding on anything else, you should first consider exactly what your property will be used for. This is likely to help shape your decision, and narrow down your requirements. Here in Portugal, one of the most popular countries in the world for tourists, it’s not uncommon for properties to be bought with a variety of uses in mind. These include:


  • To live in – if you’re looking to start a new life in Portugal, you might want to think about a larger property to live in as your main property.
  • As a holiday home – you might also be thinking about a home to use throughout the year as your holiday base, which could afford to be a smaller property. This may also be true if you wish to purchase the home to rent out to other holiday goers that would like to visit Portugal.
  • To retire in – want to move to Portugal to see out your retirement? Somewhere that is mobility friendly and with less steps could be ideal.


Where would you prefer to buy?


Now you know the intended use for your new home, it should give you some indication about where might be best to buy. For example, the Algarve is one of the most popular tourist regions in the country, and for good reason! With plenty to do on a daily basis, a stunning climate and a lively atmosphere, it’s easy to see why holiday makers choose here as their destination of choice.


If you are looking for a holiday home for yourself or to rent out to others, or a place with a largely English speaking population to live in, this could be the ideal location for you.


Prefer a quiet retirement in the sun? You might want to consider a more quiet, secluded area of the country to live a more peaceful life. There are many places that tick this box in Portugal including Alveiro, Costa Azul, Sesimbra and more!


There are so many picturesque locations in Portugal that are bound to meet many of your requirements.


Browse the Portugal homes available on our website to find out our finest selection.


What matters most to you when buying?


The beauty of Portugal is that it caters to so many different tastes and preferences. It’s likely that no two intentions are going to be the same when you buy a house in Portugal, so it’s important to consider the future when deciding on your ideal property.


If you are looking to invest in a property to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa for example, you might need to alter your budget to over the minimum amount required (€280,000 depending on location). You might want to also purchase a safe bet so you can be assured of a healthy resale value when moving on.


If you intend to stay in your new home for prolonged periods, then make sure you check out the surrounding area before making any concrete offers, and ensure that you perform the required research, so you’re well prepared for when you move.


Portugal is a welcoming and fantastic country to live in, but depending on your interests, certain areas might not be for you. There’s never too much learning you can do about your new potential home!



Would you like to buy a home in Portugal?


Are you interested in pursuing your new life in our sunny climate? If so, the estate agents in Portugal from Ideal Homes Portugal will gladly be on hand to help. With our wide selection of properties of all shapes and sizes, we’re sure you’ll find your ideal fit.


To contact one of our friendly team today, call us on 00351 289 513 434 or email us at info@idealhomesportugal.com. You can also fill out our online form for a response as soon as possible.