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Invest In The Sun Like A Dragon - The Overseas Property Show

Invest In The Sun Like A Dragon - The Overseas Property Show

Duncan Bannatyne, expert investor and well known tv personality made the decision to sell his home in France to take advantage of Portugal after finding his dream home at The Overseas Property Show.

During the event he met long time international property expert and founder of The Overseas Property Show, Chris White. Chris helped Duncan identify the ideal property environment based on Duncan’s financial and lifestyle needs, and locate the perfect property through Ideal Homes  in Algarve, Portugal. His new found home in Portugal provides him both a world awarded quality of life location, where he can escape the pressures of his busy professional life, and a place he feels confident his investment is well placed for the future.  
Portugal is an increasingly popular location for buyers looking to relocate and buy second homes due to its fantastic quality of life, ease of access from the UK, growing property market and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the benefits reaped from tax incentives have become one of the biggest motives behind high net worth individuals wanting to relocate to Portugal.
Whether you’re looking to buy or invest, and starting to explore options of purchasing aboard or feel ready to make a move, The Overseas Property Show is where smart investors come to discover their new lease on life.
Ready to invest like a Dragon? Don’t miss The Overseas Property Show to get invaluable information on the location that fits you best.
Free Admission & Parking!
Additional information: +351 289 513 434 or 0800 133 7644
The Overseas Property Show
January 27th & 28th, 2018, 10-6pm
National Motorcycle Museum
The Kirkmichael Suite
Birmingham, United Kingdom
B92 0EJ

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