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A Viewing Trip Abroad With Ideal Homes!

A Viewing Trip Abroad With Ideal Homes!

How do you get the best advice when buying property abroad? You take to the skies to see and experience for yourself!
The excitement
It's the adventure of a life time. Our entire team has done the same so - we get it. You’ve spent every weekend for the past six months scrolling through apartments, townhouses and villas online. You’ve flicked through umpteen glossy magazines picking out the design features of your ideal home. And then it happens. You turn the page, or scroll down to the next property, and there it is. Your dream home. Gleaming white under the beaming sunshine, it’s a ten minute walk from the beach and comes with a terrace and a pool.
You can see yourself there already – dining al fresco on the terrace, going for a dip in the pool and taking a leisurely stroll into town. It’s perfect.  
The reality
Don’t rush into anything. As much as we would like to sell you a property, a brochure can only tell you so much. It can’t give you a feel for the locality, show you the surrounding area, reveal what your neighbours are like and how close they are, or inform you whether it’s a quiet area. The only way to make sure it really is the perfect property - is to check the details for yourself with experinced and knowledgable professionals who know the territory. 
It’s also worth implementing a ‘try before you buy’ strategy. Perhaps you’ve been on holiday to an area a number of times in the past and fell in love with it that way. Maybe you have trusted friends or family members who recommend a particular country or region. But if you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re looking to buy in, or like the look of a few properties in different localities, it’s worth flying out for at least a few days to put yourself in the position to make a more informed choice.
Buying a property overseas is a big decision, so before you plough your hard-earned money into what looks like your dream property on paper, we highly recommend flying out and viewing it in person.
Book a property viewing trip
At Ideal Homes, we offer fantastic viewing trips an Express Viewing from just £149, which includes a meet and greet at the airport, four star accommodation and a tour of your chosen properties – and a few we’ve picked out for you as well. As well as a Independant Viewing where you can combine property viewings with more lesirue time to get to know they area(s) of interest. 
The trips includes:
  • Return direct flights for two adults from an airport of your choice

  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure

  • Accommodation in a four star hotel including breakfast

  • Personalised viewing guidance and advice from one of our property experts

  • Free legal advice from an independent property lawyer

  • Free financial advice from an independent mortgage broker

  • Exclusive rental and property management presentation

Viewing trips are wonderful to help you know the exact location of where you'll be holidaying, living or investing, but to also understand the other requirments involved that may not appear in a magazine or ad such as - taxes, legal requirements, where to buy your groceries, get medical assistance, etc. These are may not be the sexy bits that sound exciting about owning abroad but we assure you knowing the area you are going to invest in and having peace of mind will keep your purchase exciting for many, many years to come. Ready to take to the skies? Book a viewing trip with us! 

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