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Winters To Go Naked - Almost! Discover Cape Verde @ The Overseas Property Show, 20-21 October, Birmingham! โ˜€๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’š

Winters To Go Naked - Almost! Discover Cape Verde @ The Overseas Property Show, 20-21 October, Birmingham! โ˜€๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’š

Ready to plan for warmer winters; a holiday home, retirement plan, rental investment? Come talk to us this weekend!






Are you already knee deep in winter woolies? Imagining when summer might be back? You could stay where you are and forget all about sunny days and living in dreamy locations, but it's hard isn't it? That darn sun keeps popping up reminding you it's still there and highly likely to be shining a lot brighter and warmer somewhere else - sigh...

But wait! As the saying goes, you are not a tree...you can move! Even if only for a few weeks or months per year. So, if you've been thinking it's time you did something about the grey skies you find yourself in, there are places you can go to escape and have a fab pad where the sun shines so bright it feels almost magic. One of these such dreamy, warm and bright places is the Cape Verde islands

Quiet, unassuming and located just off the northwest coast of Africa, this volcanic archipelago is a sight! Warm turquoise waters, soft sandy beaches, Creole Portuguese-African culture (you can imagine the food!), lovely music to sway the warm evenings away and super friendly locals. Oh joy, and no woolies! 

Ready to put on your winter hat (for now) and find a way to switch it for a summer one? Then we suggest you stroll on over to the The Overseas Property Show, 20-21 October, Birmingham at the Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport, Lancaster Suite 1&2, 10-6pm. There you can talk to a team of qualified property professionals, who are also expats, to get yourself informed on the important bits about buying abroad from legalities, taxes, currency through to financing and managing rental investments - yes imagine also having rental income! And best part tickets and personal consultations are - FREE


Warmest Puddles - €56,000

  • 372 luxurious suites, apartments and villas throughout the Resort.
  • Selection of spa facilities and swimming pools.
  • A fully operational all-inclusive holiday resort for over five years.
  • Consistently high level of occupancy and maintained excellent room rates.
  • Diverse selection of fine dining, buffet restaurants, modern bars, beach bar and grille.
  • MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort is open all year round...More

Lost At Sea - €174,800

  • Duplex and penthouse suites along with a variety of beautiful private villas.
  • Enjoy the life of paradise and highest quality of service tailored to your specific needs.
  • 6 restaurants to wine and dine, a range of bars or the world famous Gabi Club®
  • The hotel will be split into a family and adult-only sections. 
  • Kids club, playground, baby pools as well as tennis and beach ball courts.
  • White Sands Hotel & Spa opening is planned for late 2018...More

Blinded By Blue - €190,450

  • Exclusive adult only resort.
  • Range of bars and seven restaurants to explore.
  • 304 luxurious hotel suites, designed to the highest standard.
  • Choose from a Junior, Garden, Duplex, Beach-Front or Swim-Up Suite
  • Stunning range of suites, tropical pools, infinity pools and the rejuvenating YHI Spa®
  • MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa guest experience is a new level of excellence...More

Calm & Cozy - €250,000

  • Range of large villas, luxurious suites and stylish studio apartments.
  • Palm tree lined boulevard comprising of bars, restaurants and retail outlets.
  • YHI Spa®, fully equipped gymnasium, tennis courts and beach volleyball area.
  • 5 large freshwater resort pools including outdoor and indoor children’s facilities.
  • Nightclub, champagne bar, Gabi Beach Club and an evening entertainment arena.
  • MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive luxury experience for all...More

Winter Somewhere - €255,250

  • 835 duplex and penthouse hotel suites, along with stunning private villas.
  • 6 resort swimming pools, swim-up bars and poolside eateries.
  • 6 restaurants, as well as a range of bars and the world-famous Gabi Club®.
  • Luxurious YHI Spa® experience, fully equipped fitness centre and water sports centre.
  • Children’s club, playground, baby pools as well as tennis and beach ball courts.
  • White Sands Hotel & Spa is on the prime white sands of Santa Monica Beach...More
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