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10 Reasons to Retire to The Algarve

10 Reasons to Retire to The Algarve

Wondering where would be a good place to kick up your feet and enjoy your golden years? Somewhere you can peacefully retire to and enjoy a better quality of life? We've put together 10 reasons why we think the Algarve is the best place for you to retire to:


1. Taxes - Foreign retirees, with Non-Habitual Residency, are able to receive their pension while living in Portugal tax free for the first 10 years meaning it will go much further here than it would in other places. It is worth noting that there is also a cap on income tax for a range of professions for services billed from Portugal.


2. Fabulous Weather - The biggest reason you would retire to a different country such as Portugal is the weather, with more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year the Algarve enjoys a longstanding reputation among many sun-seekers wanting to escape Northern Europe’s colder months. 


3. Golden Beaches - With over 100 miles of Atlantic coastline, the Algarve is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, many of which are award winning and have a variety of beach bars and restaurants.


4. Golf - Recognised as a top golfing destination and home to the Portugal masters, the Algarve is always a popular choice if you want to spend time on the golf course. Open all year round, you will find over 40 different courses throughout Portugal.


5. Affordable Cost of Living - Currently the lowest in Western Europe, on average 30% lower than any other country in the region, a retired couple could live in the Algarve comfortably, but modestly, on a budget as low as 1500€ per month. 


6. International Standard Healthcare - Portugal’s national healthcare system (SNS - Servico Nacional de Saude) is based on a universal care system. For residents across the country they are able to offer low cost care with both ongoing and in emergency situations. There are a variety of private hospitals and clinics available if you would prefer to opt for private health insurance. 


7. Quality of Life - Considered as one of the most safest countries in the world, Portugal and it’s citizens are very welcoming and friendly to us expats. Tradition, family and good food are important in Portugal so you’ll find their traditional diet here in the Algarve has major Mediterranean influences. With lots of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and olive oil, you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy a much healthier diet.


8. Good Infrastructure - Over recent years Portugal has been able to invest in its Infrastructure, more specifically, it’s highway networks and airports. With several low cost airlines and nation carriers with regular flights to Faro all year round it is now much easier to travel to from all over Europe and those further afield find themselves connecting either through Lisbon or the UK. When you’re in the Algarve it is easy enough to find your way around as there is a good road system that connects to main urban centres.


9. Languages - English is widely spoken across the Algarve and even the country in general which is the country’s main tourist draw. Retired here, you could get by without learning to speak Portuguese but you could have a much more local experience by socialising with the Portuguese. In addition to this, there is a large expat community derived from French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian and more!


10. Shopping - When moving from your home country, it is always nice to know you can still enjoy a regular dose of retail therapy. With many excellent shopping centres and complexes across the Algarve you can be rest assured there is always somewhere to go. Mar Shopping in particular is home to 85 shops, including the largest Primark in Portugal, has an IKEA store, 25 restaurants and 8000sqm of outdoor leisure areas with a space dedicated specifically to dogs.


If you are considering retiring to the Algarve, make sure to get in touch and let us know what you are looking for so our team can find the right property for you. Better yet, sign up to our FREE webinars taking place on 17th-19th September, 2020, to see what recently reduced properties we have along with some great deals! 


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