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Summer Sizzler to Sell Your Property!

Summer Sizzler to Sell Your Property!

Looking for a great way to sell your property fast? This month we are introducing the "Summer Sizzler", an innovative approach to the Real Estate industry on moving property quickly. You get to decide on the how and what and we do all the rest....
Tired of waiting around for your house to sell? For that magic 'someone' to finally see it and fall in love with it like you did, and want to make it their own? What if you could affect who sees it and increase your chances of finding that magic buyer?

We have 52,000+ international clients looking to buy a home in the sun. So we're thinking what better time than summer to remind them summer could last all year and get them to see your property.

Here's the plan. We are looking to run a 'Summer Sizzler' campaign for a full week before the close of July and we are opening it up to you, our property vendors. Whether your property is for sale or rent, you can take part in this fantastic opportunity.

Hot to get involved? All you need to do is agree to set a small (or large) price reduction or a special bonus (furniture included, one year condo fees, free golf membership, etc.) on the purchase or rent of your property. The goal is to drive would be buyers and renters to your property page, so the more 'Sizzle' in your offer, the better.

The campaign will run for one week and once it concludes, your price or bonus will be removed and returned to the original price, if you wish. The reduction and bonus will then only be active and honored for those buyers/renters who started the enquiry or purchase process during the campaign. 

But don't forget, "more is better" when driving traffic, so the highest reductions and best bonuses will get top visibility spots for the week. 

We're committing to the 'Sizzle' also and will be offering:
  • Reduced cost Inspection Trips
  • After Sales packages
  • Free condo fees
  • Voucher for €1000 for furniture
Ready to get your property SUMMER SIZZLING? 
Get in touch and let us help you turn up the heat! 
Deadline to be included closes end of play Monday, July 24th. 

Vendors - Contact our listings team 
Renters - Contact our rentals team

Amazing Family Home



superb 6 bed villa




Amazing Family Home




YOP (Your Overseas Property) Marketing Package.
Learn about the advanced marketing services we have to increase your property's visibility. Our services include digital, print, private and public shows, as well as international strategic partnerships. Continually evolving our marketing services to improve how you can sell your property is our main goal, as is providing you and the buyer the most professional service in the industry. Contact us to learn more about getting your property seen by 52,000+ buyers, increase your viewings and put sold on your property. 
Get your digital copy of YOP
Rent to Sell...
How about earning income whilst waiting to sell? We do all the work and you earn 90% of your rental income. A great way to offset costs while waiting for your property to sell. It's also a great opportunity for your property to get more viewings and opens you up to having potential buyers feel what living in your property and the area is really like - a win for both. If you haven't considered renting before, get in contact to learn more.  
Used our services previously? We'd love to hear your experience.   
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